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My My Colony fish problem and simple Ideas for My Land (well formatted)

#1 2019-11-18 01:28:12
This is mostly about My Land but I have something to say about My Colony too,

For my colony, I couldn't help but notice that On Earthlike, United Earth has no way of producing, nor storing fish, I found this strange since you can still view the GBT fish trades, but cannot buy any because of storage, and it is also strange because the fish hatchery, cannery, and the department of adv fish mating studies are available.
I'm not sure why I can't have fish, I'm a penguin, I need fish...

About My Land I have a few suggestions,

-Fish-Basically just another animal that swims in ditches filled with water/rivers, they would attract visitors and (maybe) could be sold for $

-Bridges-A simple bridge that could be placed over a ditch or river, visitors could walk across this bridge, but maybe animals couldn't, or there could be an animal version.I

-House-Just a house for yourself, would be about 2x2 wide and wouldn't have much of a purpose but it seems like it would make sense.

-Barn-A 2x2 tile similar to the house, could be like an upgraded version of a silo and could "house" cows.

-Horses-Just another animal that would be like a copy of the cow, could eat yay father than grass and could maybe be riden by visitors

-The Player!- I found it odd that they are visitors but no player, could give the house mentioned earlier a purpose!

-Hay-just an extra "resource" that could be for the horse mentioned above.

-A Wolf?-somebody said there should be wolves in the game? Idk if that would fit the theme but I thought I would mention the idea.

Just a few ideas but I would really love to see fish in the game of anything, thank you for your effort in making these games,

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#2 2019-11-18 01:36:03
Forgot to say, an encyclopedia and chat would be cool, since the chat probably wouldn't be as popular, it could also function as a second chat for My colony, which would allow fans of both games to communicate better
Username---------- @kingpenguin500
CW-------------------- ~New Waffilia~ join my CW!
Charter code------ UmYgfqt7
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