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Sorry autocorrect if it's wiggl ing
If the end of a charging cord is with long it might fall apart and pieces could get stuck inside your device


That's my charter code


Kinda boring huh?

What if it spelled WAFFILIA

My Colony's name is New Waffilia


Maybe it should be changeable

That would be nice

That would be really nice!

What if two people wanted the same charter?

Well if it is taken then it is taken.

How would this work?

Like a license plate

Oh I know!

To stop players from changing charters too much it should cost say, 10 million civics

It would be free the first time

BUT, only if your independent

If new colonies could change it there would be too many taken names

You would start with a random charter at first tho


I think this is a great idea

Think about it Bast, it truly is a good idea right?

Your friend,

Join my commonwealth, ~New Waffilia~

Charter code: UmYgfqt7

I, @kingpenguin5005, am online everyday, and I give out free things! recently I have been giving out free alien instructions and starships

We have our own website too!

if you have your own cw, send an embassy to UmYgfqt7, I collect embassies!

we have only 9% tax and increasing payroll assistance.
So, it worked, but when I tried to save the game it wouldn't finnish saving
Thank you!
Well my school said GMOs are bad, but I like the suggestion!
Currently there is no way of turning the winter theme off,

You could suggest this to bast in the suggestions section.

I hope this helped

So I made this list because it is a lot better than the last one...

--------New Tiles/Buildings---------
--short-growing grass-animals cannot eat this grass, but it stays short forever and does not have to be cut, would cost more than normal grass.

--bridges-bridge over rivers and ditches that allow visitors to cross over

--animal bridges-bridge over rivers and ditches that allow animals and vehicles to cross over

--deep rivers-not my idea but I thought it was worth noting, not sure how they would work

--house-2x2 building that the "player"/farmer could live in

--more crops-just more crops in general, not really need yet

--vancy tollbooth-just like the normal version but visitors have to pay more, also vote more to build and decreases attractiveness more

--large silo-stores more than the normal will

---------New Vehicles----------

--large lawn mower-normal lawn mower but 3 wide or 2 wide

--large harvester-normal harvester but 3 wide or 2 wide

--automatic lawn mower-normal lawn mower but mows by itself

---------New People--------

--Rich visitor-pays twice as much for everything but rarely appears

--Famous visitor-pays normal or slightly increased amount but increases attractiveness level temporarily, if unable to leave for too long, disappears

--Farmer/player-doesn't have to be controlable, but lives in house

--------New Animals-------

--Horse-like a cow but eats any

--goat-Like a cow but eats multiple things

--fish-swims in rivers and (maybe) increases attractiveness

--wolf - not my idea

--dog/cat-would be pet of farmers and could follow visitors around for a while (should probably have a limit for how many you can have)

--------New game mechanics------

--encyclopedia - just like the one from My Colony

--chatrooms - just like the ones from My Colony

--rain-decreases attractiveness but speeds up from growth
--clouds-basically rain but less effective
--high winds-slowly destroys crops waiting to be harvested(they would still regrow)
--hurricane-would be like a hard mode thing, would pause drop growth, lower
attractiveness to 0, and would scare away any remaining visitors

--hard mode-increases difficulty of game, slows from growth slightly, adds hurricanes, makes every cost slightly more, could add a few "disasters" causes animals to grow slower, harvesters and lawn mowers would eventually break down... Things like that

--easy mode- decreases difficulty of game, increases crop and animal growth, reduces prices, things like that

--land annexation- not my idea, but a great one! would probably work similar to how it works in my colony, just gives you more land

--badges/achievements - this would be cool for My Colony too, you would get an achievement when you "completed" the game, got your first harvester, planted every crop, got a specific amount of cash, and so on...

-----------------that's all!-------------

Just want to say the fish would be cool and I love this game, thank you B A S T!


Looking back at this post, there are probably other things people want a lot. More lol
What do we want for My Colony other than fish for earthlike?
I was think it would be cool if a region map could have multiple terrains?

It would be mostly earthlike in the middle with some forest worlds here and there,around that there could be beach or special water world maps with land along one side and mostly water on the outside, then along the outside of the map would be met normal water world maps

Obviously this would be optional, and maybe a normal region could be converted into a multi-terrain region, meaning any already existing maps would stay the same even if they break format.

I know this would probably take a long time to code so I'm not saying you should add this bast, but I think that everybody just wants to be able to have fish in an earthlike region, ok maybe that's just me but seriously the fish hatchery and cannery and the art mating thing can be built on earthquake so why not be able to obtain fish?

Also add fish to my land pls
Steam, pipes, Not Electricity, gold, bronze, gears, levers,

At what point does it become My Colony farm version lol?
I love it
Forgot to say, an encyclopedia and chat would be cool, since the chat probably wouldn't be as popular, it could also function as a second chat for My colony, which would allow fans of both games to communicate better
On hey! I suggested a bridge in my most recent suggestion post!

But really bast we need bridges

Also I want fish in rivers, just think how cool that would look!
This is mostly about My Land but I have something to say about My Colony too,

For my colony, I couldn't help but notice that On Earthlike, United Earth has no way of producing, nor storing fish, I found this strange since you can still view the GBT fish trades, but cannot buy any because of storage, and it is also strange because the fish hatchery, cannery, and the department of adv fish mating studies are available.
I'm not sure why I can't have fish, I'm a penguin, I need fish...

About My Land I have a few suggestions,

-Fish-Basically just another animal that swims in ditches filled with water/rivers, they would attract visitors and (maybe) could be sold for $

-Bridges-A simple bridge that could be placed over a ditch or river, visitors could walk across this bridge, but maybe animals couldn't, or there could be an animal version.I

-House-Just a house for yourself, would be about 2x2 wide and wouldn't have much of a purpose but it seems like it would make sense.

-Barn-A 2x2 tile similar to the house, could be like an upgraded version of a silo and could "house" cows.

-Horses-Just another animal that would be like a copy of the cow, could eat yay father than grass and could maybe be riden by visitors

-The Player!- I found it odd that they are visitors but no player, could give the house mentioned earlier a purpose!

-Hay-just an extra "resource" that could be for the horse mentioned above.

-A Wolf?-somebody said there should be wolves in the game? Idk if that would fit the theme but I thought I would mention the idea.

Just a few ideas but I would really love to see fish in the game of anything, thank you for your effort in making these games,



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