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Multi-terrain region maps for My Colony???

#1 2019-11-18 01:54:16
I was think it would be cool if a region map could have multiple terrains?

It would be mostly earthlike in the middle with some forest worlds here and there,around that there could be beach or special water world maps with land along one side and mostly water on the outside, then along the outside of the map would be met normal water world maps

Obviously this would be optional, and maybe a normal region could be converted into a multi-terrain region, meaning any already existing maps would stay the same even if they break format.

I know this would probably take a long time to code so I'm not saying you should add this bast, but I think that everybody just wants to be able to have fish in an earthlike region, ok maybe that's just me but seriously the fish hatchery and cannery and the art mating thing can be built on earthquake so why not be able to obtain fish?

Also add fish to my land pls
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#2 2019-11-30 03:59:51
We wants it
We needs it
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