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Solar ratings

This is a small idea:

I think that for solar panels, if each planet had another variable called solar rating, that variable could dictate how well solar panels work on that planet, excluding the day and night cycle(as batteries aren't a thing) .

For example, if a planet has a rating of 5, it has the same solar rating as earth. Any lower and solar panels would produce less power, any more and solar panels would produce more. So if you put solar panels on ice planet, you'll get next to nothing, as the score would probably be a 1 or 2, and the same goes for lava planet which is also dark. However, if bast were to implement my blast furnace or dyson sphere maps, the rating would be 10 and solar panels would produce max power, since the blast furnace map is basically mercury, which is blasted by light, and dyson spheres have no atmosphere to obstruct their access to light.

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