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a way of Making Antiquitas as poplar as my colony !

Looks like you got lots of projects already lol But it seams a shame that this game idles in relative obscurity alest compared to my colony .
So here is a way to boost the game up to my colonys download rate .
Unlike my colony its not practical to keep adding resources or make it so you can have millions in citys so this limits using updates as a way to keep the game fresh .
So instead of more resources have in city quest alot of games use that method as well as updating to keep players .
really should not be hard to add in as quest would not need game engine writes a.
basic say having a quest for Rome to get something from Egypt ovesly this would mean having two regions - citys one Rome one Egypt then having one gift gifting the other what ever item the quest calls for .
Now this is just a example of a possible quest .
As a side note it could add in a new type of research points that give special teck out side of in city .
Say a water screw ( look it up ) very commin thing Egyptians used to lift water and only need wood to build it .
See each civilization would have its own special teck using commin resources like wood or wool and such that each knows how to make and the quest could consist of gaining this teck for what every one was questing .
Once teck and out side city research is gained then the questing city would gte that new building or maybe farm plant or trees native to the other region or what ever .

Quest would be simply thing to add and could be expanded on easily without massive new programming .
heck even add in short vidoes that pop up when excepting a quest giving a idea of how to complete it .
ps you never did add in horses lolol .
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