Helo. guys!

Here are my ideas for the Zolarg fraction... again.

  • Tier 1
    • Miner Swarms
      Primary force of the Zolarg Empire, assembled up of minerbugs. Dirt cheap cannon fodders that can be picked up from any insectnoid hive.

      Really dirt cheap cannon fodders, but don’t underestimate their power. A big swarm can be fatal.
    • Rifle-bugs
      Don’t think all Insectnoids fight like beasts. They have invented their own rifles since the Zolarg Grand Uprising.

      Rifle-bugs are Tier 1 ranged infantry of the Zolarg Empire. Not having a good fire rate, but they can perfrom support fire for the melee swarms.
  • Tier 2
    • Royal Guard
      Only the experieced veterans are qualified to be Royal Guards, serving the queen of the hive. They are gentlebugs, they are brave defenders.

      A better version of rifle-bugs, with reasonable fire rate and decent strength. Anti-air ability.
    • Revoluntaru-legioen
      Revoluntaru-legioen’s origin was during the Zolarg Grand Uprising, now they are special forces of the Zolarg Empire. Famous since their use of acid grenades that had destroyed thousands of Alpha Draconian combat bots.

      These grenadiers are professional armour busters. Their attacks deals double damage to armoured units. Obtained after researching ‘Revolution Theory’. Ranged fire. Splash damage.
    • Tunnelbugs
      Insectnoids’ tunneling skills are strategical advantages, especially when attacking from the front is not wise. These guys will give you suprises at the back.

      Special insectnoid melee unit used in Tunneling Tachics, summoned in group of 10. These diggers can dig to the destinated spot very quickly to give a suprise attack, as long as no landmines are on their way.
    • Kever
      A.K.A. the beetle legion. As their name tells, these Insectnoids are in a hard shell like the beetles, though, they can’t fly like beetles.

      A tougher version of miner swarms. Despite having weaker attack strength, their high toughness enhances their combat life length, delivering more overall damage than a single miner swarm.
  • Tier 3
    • New Infantry-bugs
      Modernized Insectnoid infantries organized by Emperor Zolarg, equipped with most high tech equippments and given the best training to crush enemies.

      The final tier version of Rifle-bugs. They now uses assult rifles to fight. Anti-air ability.
    • Unholy Phantombug
      Despite Antaura, the ancient unholy energy, is forbidden under the contol of Emperor Zolarg, special permissions are still given to the military to use Antaura when times are tough. These Insectnoids with unholy powers are invisable to enemies...

      Stealth unit of Zolarg Empire. Only sensor arrays or anti-stealth units can reveal them. Obtained after researching ‘Unholy Powers’. Anti-Stealth. Melee unit.
    • Imperial Claws-bugs
      Imperial force of the Zolarg Empire, the most fierce warriors. Even plasma beam cannot destroy a Claw-bug in one shot. Nightmares of Alpha Draconians.

      The strongest melee unit you can train.
    • Revealbug
      These Insectnoids have perfect perceptions. Even invisable stuff cannot escape from their wise eyes.

      Anti-stealth infantry, otherwise same as New Infantry-bugs.

  • Tier 2
    • Beetle Cavalry
      What an interesting concept. Bugs rides bugs. But watch out, whe they ram onto your base, your fortifications are done.

      The Beetle Cavalries are faster than tanks but slower than rovers. They are tough meat shields, and able to deal extra damage to fortifcations. Melee unit. Splash damage.
    • Mortar Cavalry
      Zolarg Empire once lacked chassis for mounting their newly forged artilleries, without any knowledge about the wheels... So instead they mounted them on the huge beetles.

      Ranged armoured unit of Zolarg Empire. Slow but powerful.
  • Tier 3
    • Behemoth
      These bioengineered (or actually, cursed using Antaura) beasts are ultimately toxic - They smash, they corrode, they destroy, they terminate.

      The most expensive yet the most agressive armoured Insectnoid armoured unit. These behemoths attacks using acidic toxins which deals continuous damage on your foes once contact with their fume.

(stay tuned for updates, more units will be here!)