Hello guys!

If the battle becomes a stalemate, and you can’t get higher tier units, what else can be done would be improving the existing troops.

Here are my ideas - Why not implement some research elements into this game.

  • Armour Piercer Rounds
    All units that uses machine gun and infantries deals extra damage on armoured units.
  • Grenades
    Infantries may attack using grenades by chance. Splash damage.
  • Minigrenades
    Infantries throws grenades more frequently.
  • Sloped Armour
    Armoured units has extra hitpoints.
  • Highly Explosive Shells
    Artilleries and tanks deals higher damage.
  • Mobile Tactics
    All land troops moves faster.
  • Improved Jet Engine
    All air troops moves faster. Increases dodge chance.
  • Second Generation Rifled Barrel
    Physical projectile damage increases.
  • Airblast Drill
    Mining operations yields more ores.
  • Stealth Coat Buffer Layer
    Anti-stealth radars won’t reveal stealth units immediately. Revealing your stealth units will take 3 seconds.
  • Compound Concrete
    Increases hitpoints of building and fortifications.