Hello guys!

Now we have tier 2 units in tha game.
(BTW the game hasn’t updated for long (•ω•))

If we are going to have tier 3 units, here introduces my ideas:

• Tier 3 troops requires Uranium to produce. You can already obtain them with Tier 2 technology.
• Some troops uses energy weapons instead of ordinary solid projectile weapons, deals extra damage on those physically armoured units.
• Some trooos has energy armour that reduces damage from energy weapons.
• Some troops has ‘stealth’ ability. Without anti-stealth radars your troops and defenses cannot see them. Has strategical advantage.

Here is a list of Tier 3 troops I would suggest.
  • Meltdown-Bazooka Infantry
    Instead of chemical explosives, Meltdown Bazooka fires plasma beam that will surely deal devasting damage on enemies.

    Tier 3 anti-armour infantry. Splash damage. Energy weapon.
  • Heavy Infantry
    With a nuclear-powered armour and energy shield generator, these infantries will be something toughest you have ever seen.

    Tier 3 infantry. Energy armour.
  • Heavy Marines
    These heavily armed Space Marines are different from those heavy infantries - Deadlier with their mobility and energy blasters.

    UE exclusive unit. Energy weapon. Energy armour.
  • Wraith Squad
    If LIS want to combat UE directly at the front, that would be impossible. They need something cunning like a fox and spooky as the wraithes.

    LIS exclusive unit. Stealth unit. Energy weapon.
  • Mecha
    Sci-fi super-cool war machines that everbody wishes to drive one day. But controling these steel beasts aren’t easy.

    Tier 3 armoued unit. With even less mobility but thicker armour and deadlier firearms. Energy armour.
  • Stealth Tank
    It’s an advantage to have a stealth mobile tactics. But when you lost your stealth tank in a jungle, that won’t be fun.

    Tier 3 armoured unit. Stealth unit. A slightly stregthened medium tank.
  • Heavy Tank
    With the latest technological improvements, now these high tech heavy tanks are real steel beasts on the battlefields, with their nuclear cannons.

    Tier 3 armoured unit. Energy weapon.
  • Zolarg Grenadier Cavalry
    Independent Zolarg mercenaries hired by LIS. Nimble quick, attacks with acidic grenades which no armour resists these corroding stuff!

    LIS exclusive armoured unit, obtained when ‘Foreign Mercenaries’ are researched. Acid weapon, ignores any armour. May dodge attacks.