The following shows both the Keyboard and Gamepad controls reference for both Gone Rogue and Hell and Back, for easy reference or printing.

Keyboard Controls

Move PlayerArrow Keys or Numpad
Action/PickupEnter or Numpad 5
Cancel/Close/Open SidemenuEscape
Show Game ConsoleTab
Open InventoryI
Show QuestsQ
Show GearE or G
Show StatsS or @
Save and QuitCrtl+x
Rest 1 turn.
Select Belt ItemSpacebar

Gamepad Controls

Move PlayerDpad or Left Thumbstick
Move Selection CursorRight Thumbstick
Open InventoryY
Show GearX
Show StatsB
Zoom InRT
Zoom OutLT
Select Belt ItemRB
Show QuestsLB
Open SidemenuStart