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LIS Troops Idea! MKII! - Colony Wars

#1 2020-02-20 14:37:10
Hello guys!

This time, it’s a batch of LIS units ideas.

So first, let me present the general style of the units in the ideas.
LIS troops focuses on firepower, putting less efforts on armour.
LIS buildings are not pre-constructed, the construction begins at the site. So keep your construction site protected is an issue.
LIS specialises optical technology as their weapons.

  • Militia (T1)
    For freedom! And taco.

    Militias are your most determined soldiers, fighting for the freedom of the galaxy.

    Basic infantry unit. Comparied to UE infantries they are more aggressive and cheaper, but weakly armoured. Uses submachinegun.
  • Mercenary (T1)
    Eat. All. These. Missiles. Bastards.

    If you think they would fire rocket one by one from the multi-rocket launcher, then you’re wrong. A rocket rain awaits.
    In fact, muti-rocket launchers are popular among mercenaries.

    Anti-tank anti-air infantry. They uses multi-rocket launchers, fires volleys of tiny missiles. Of course, it’ll take some time to reload for another rocket shower...
  • Gearsman (T1)
    I’ll ‘fix’ the enemies, with my pistol and wrench.

    Gearsmen are LIS engineers. All of them armed with a pistol to protect themselves.

    A bit more expensive than UE engineers, but self protection will help a bit fighting against infantries.
  • Melt-down Squad (T2)
    Almost nothing can’t be molten into slag.

    Melt-down nuclear beam has recently developed by the LIS engineers - one of their proud invention of optical weapons. The beam cannon can fire extremly powerful pulse of beam, melting anything into extremly-hot slag.
    Of course, if a appropriate power output is adjusted, it can cook fish safely.

    Specialised anti-tank crew for destroying fortifications and vehicles from a better distance. Meltdown Squad fires powerful, penetrating nuclear beam pulses, but because the cannon easily overheats, the fire rate limits their potential strength.
    Enemies (including buildings) killed by Meltdown Squads leaves a slag puddle for a short time, damaging any land units walking over it.
  • Wraith Squad (T3)
    They may not see me, but they will ‘remember’ me, very soon.

    As the name tells, they are stealth units, spooky as wraiths. With the help of optical devices, it’s not visable with bare eyes. Only special devices can detect them.

    Indeed they are stealth unit. They use poweful lazer blasters to attack, but because these lazer blaster needs strong power input, usually sharing the same battery with the stealth device. Attacking would sacrifice the invisability.

  • LIS Lander (T1)
    Time to give a new meaning to this land!

    Lander is the centre of your base. Losing it, you’ll also lose the battle.

    Nothing to explain here, same as the UE varient.
  • Pioneer (T1)
    GOLD RUSH today!

    Pioneer is the mining vehicle for LIS.

    Pioneers carries more resources every trip, but they are less nimble - When the deposits are too far away from them, it would be a large disadvantage to obtain resource because of its slowness.
  • Fieldrunner MKII (T1)
    Run as far as you can, but you’ll never get faster than this war machine!

    Fieldrunner MKII is a experimental infantry tank still under development yet already ready for field battles. Mounted with a pair of machine gun, it’s the nightmare of the infantries. That’s not everything yet, it’s also an anti-air weapon.

    Anti-infantry anti-air vehicle.
  • Lance (T2)
    They are not scraps. Though they were once scraps.

    Lance tanks are LIS battle tanks, using powerful lazer cannon as their main weapon. However, to cut cost, the engineers can’t do much on its armour, so the armour plates are forged from space scraps recycled.
    At least, the armour is better than light vehicles, a bit.

    Strong and rapid hits make it an amazing anti-armour weapon. And, as said, weak armour.
  • Liberator (T3)
    Our light will show the path of liberation.

    Liberator are heavy battle tanks of LIS forces. Uses large ‘Melt-down’ nuclear beam cannon, with a effective continuous cooling system, this optical cannon will keep beaming anything at the front, until they become ashes.

    This heavy tank will continuously fire enemies, literally having no attack cooldown. With strong firepower, physical armour is meaningless. BUT, aiming the enemy takes time, so changing target will slow down its attacking pace.
  • Apollo Artillery (T3)
    Punishment from the sun!

    Apollo Artillery is ‘literally’ powered by the sunlight. These sunlight are collected into the quantum-powered metal cans, and fired from the artillery cannon. What results is the deadly release of a bright, radioactive explosion.

    LIS heavy artillery. Can stun enemies (including defensive buildings) inside the blast radius for a very short moment.

(more units will be revealed soon...)
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
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#2 2020-02-23 01:52:31
  • Jetcopter (T1)
    Hello from above!

    Jetcopters are very nimble with their jet engines. With their missile packs as their weapon, the slow tanks won’t be even able to escape from the attacks of these armour hunters.

    Anti-armour aircraft.
  • Interceptor (T1)
    Keep an eye on the radar.

    The Interceptor is the air-battle dominance weapon of LIS.

    Simply a light jet fighter for taking down aircrafts.
  • Dropship (T2)
    Guess what I’ll dump today.

    Dropships are light bombardment aircrafts as well as a flying transport. They can provide limited land fire support. When there’s passangers in the Dropship, the Dropship cannot attack.

    Because it serves as both transport and light bomber, you’ve to be careful when using it. If used well, after paradropping your troops, it’ll also able to provide good bombardment support.
  • The Arbitrator (T3)
    Taste the power of the true light!

    The Arbitator is a heavy hovering aircraft used for heavy bombrdment purpose. Equipped with a super-heavy ‘Arbitrator’ nuclear beam cannon, nothing survives under its attacks. Because this is really a massive weapon, it has a very limited movement speed. Additonally, no anti-air armaments, due to weight capacity limits.

    Make sure it’s well-protected, otherwise it’ll get easily taken down by intensive anti-air fire.
    But due to its massive firepower, when a fleet of Arbitrator flies on top of your base...
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
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#3 2020-02-23 10:05:41
  • Ageis Speedboat (T1)
    Liberate the waters!

    Ageis speedboat is equipped with missile launchers, capable defending against aircrafts and land units. Modified from civilian vessels.

    Because it’s dircetly modified using civilian vessels, don’t expect they have good armour. But at least cheaper.
  • Hammerhead Submarine (T2)
    The Hammerhead will crush everything!

    These submarines are the major naval forces of LIS. These submarines has the important duty to control the seas through unexpected stealth attacks... Only torpedos and deep water bombs can intercept them.

    These submarines carries lazer turrets. When they move, they won’t attack, and remains under water. But when they attack, they are surfaced.
  • Whale Submarine (T2)
    Only idiots will put their passangers under direct fire in their trip.

    In order to prevent troops crossing the sea being interceted by coastal artilleries and battleships, LIS forces adopted a strategy, letting the submarines do the transport job. And that’s how Whale Submarine was born to serve.
    This thing is also installed with a sonar disruption device to prevent detected by naval sonar radars.

    Unless the submarie is next to a coast, it’ll never surface. While submerged they are in stealth status, only special sensor arrays can detect them.
    Can carry almost every land unit as long as they are not too heavy, and give your foes suprises.
  • Tidebreaker (T3)
    We’ll destroy every surge and every enemy we see!

    Tidebreaker cruiser is the heavy naval vessel of LIS forces, mounted with a pair of ‘Refractor’ heavy ballistic beam guns.

    Tidebreaker’s heavy ballistic beam cannons inflicts heavy damage at a spot. Different from traditional explosive weapons, the damage concentrates at a spot. This power-draining weapon takes time to reload.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
Colony Wars
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