Hello commanders!

Each weapon has its own use against a certain range of enemies, as in the real life and applied in many real time strategy games.

Maybe here are some simple ideas I can share.

Damage Types
  • Physical Projectile (P)
    Just some ordinary rounds fired by rifles, machineguns, and etc, yet basically good against infantries and lightly armoured units.
  • Armour Piercer (AP)
    This kind of projectile is good at breaking armour plates.
  • Explosive (Ex)
    Explosives is always the best weapon of destruction! Blow ’em up!
  • Fire (F)
    Fire is the fatal weakness for any infantry and buildings.
  • Biohazard (Bio)
    Biohazard weapons such as acids belongs to this type. Devasts infantries and also a trouble for those steel-claded stuff. You’ll need a hazmat suit.
  • Electrical (Ele)
    Deadly electrical sparks are generally good against everything - Besides able to fry those infantries into ashes, it’s also has a decent anti-armour strength.
  • Radiation (Rad)
    Radiation is dangerous, of course. It’s something released from nukes, ether and other radioactive stuff.
  • Light Beam (B)
    Energy intensive beams are the strongest armour cutting weapon... as long as there’s no energy barriers.
  • Antaura (Ant)*
    The divine power will crush everything!
*Note: only if Bast is planning adding Insectoids.

Each unit may have resistance against certain damages, and weaknesses.

Here, I’ll represent their protection through the percentage of damage they recieve. The damage type will be in their short form.

Taking Medium Tank of UE as example:
P - 50%
Exp - 180%
F - 20%
Bio - 100%
Ele - 150%
B - 250%
For other damage types, 100% damage is recieved.

And maybe the LIS Militia as well.
P - 120%
AP - 40%
F - 500%
Bio - 180%
Ele - 200%
Ant - 125%
For other damage types, 100% damage is recieved.

If we have a Hazmat Trooper:
P - 130%
AP - 40%
F - 120%
Bio - 10%
Ele - 10%
Rad - Immune (0%)
Ant - 125%
For other damage types, 100% damage is recieved.

Additionally I was thinking can vehicles run over smaller units (welp, maybe let’s not go that complicated)

So what do you think about it?