Hello commanders!

As @bastecklein metioned in his official lore post, Alpha Draconians will take a little role in the game.
So here, may I introduce my ideas for the Alpha Draconians faction!

Infantry/Drones (Drone Pad)
Notes: All drones are hovering units.
  • Patrol Drone (T1)
    A model of Alpha Draconian security drone commonly used for patroling and scouting, as well as taking the role on eliminating enemy infantries.

    Similar to UE infantres and LIS militias, they are the most basic combat unit.
  • Miner Drone (T1)
    Nimble Alpha Draconian harvesting unit.

    The advantage is, Alpha Draconian can build harvester units in their drone pads instead of war portal.
  • Punisher (T1)
    Punisher drones can be seen working in reeducation centres, punishing criminals with their taser guns. On the battlefields, their taser gun are adjusted to maximum output to give the foes deadly spark shocks.

    Typcally it’s an anti-armour unit, but it also has decent strength against infantries. It’s not anti-air, unlike the anti-armour unit of other fractions.
  • Devaster (T2)
    These drones sprays hot and hyperactive ether everywhere, almost anything touching those radioactive liquid will begin to melt under the strong radiation.

    Strong ground control drone of the Alpha Draconians.

Armoured/Mecha (War Portal)
  • Suppressor (T2)
    Riot control machine of Alpha Draconains, equipped with a pair of deadly ‘Chain’ machinegun turrets.

    Anti-infantry armour. Can attack at most 2 enemies at the same time. has anti-air ability.
  • Dismantleer (T1)
    Don’t think they are simply tiny robots specialised for dealing with scrap machines in scrap yards. Their dismantle claws are deadly as they can tear both flesh and armour plates.

    A cheap weak recon unit, but their nimble speed allows them to take down enemies quickly... with their deadly claws.
  • Fat-bot (T2)
    The Fat-bot is the sturdy war machine of Alpha Draconians, plated with super-thick armour over its body as well as strong tesla cannons on its both arms.

    It can be used as a meat shield, as it’s resistant against most attacks.
  • Cyclops (T3)
    The most heavy war machine of the Alpha Draconians. Don’t stare at him, or it’ll stare you to death.

    Heavy armour unit as well as a siege machine. Uses long range missiles for attacking buildings and air units, while attacking enemy units with its deadly lazer.