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The ideas for superweapons, style of fractions, and some units - Colony Wars

#1 2020-03-04 11:27:41
Hello commanders.

I feel like I would like to present more ideas here...

And here I also suggests the major playstyle of the factions:
  • United Earth - Mobile Tactics.
    As the grandparents said, time is money. Same thing for UE Space Marines, their high mobility of troops and airforce will seize any unprepared opponents. Beware, they have their own secret interdimensional weapon!
    • Superweapon 1: Disruption Blast
      The Interdimensional Disruption Array can create an abnormal quantum effect, eventually causing a massive release of energy at a spot, known as the Disruption Blast.
    • Superweapon 2: Remote Teleport
      United Earth secretly invented the Warp Node, an innovation that nobody else have in the Galaxy. With this device, a group of troops can be teleported from point to point without the need of portals.
  • League of Independent States - Stealth Raider.
    LIS may not have good weapons and technology, but their stealth units will make their attacks unpredictable. Plus their use of ‘stunning’ optical weapons, giving no chance for enemies to fight back.
    • Superweapon 1: Solar Cannon Bombardment
      LIS has Solar Cannons carried by military orbital stations or bombardment warships. The energy comes from the sunlight, surely an ‘environmental friendly’ weapon. Called via Uplink Station.
    • Superweapon 2: Beam Barrier
      The Beam Barrier is the strategical weapon of LIS, generated by Beam Projector. Which is used to trap enemies inside, or shield friendly units. Projectiles cannot fire through the barrier.
  • Alpha Draconians - Legion of Steel.
    Alpha Draconians usually have their steel-claded robots as their main military force. Not just having high toughness, they carries expensive high tech weapons. I mean, really expensive.
    • Superweapon 1: EMP Strike
      This is a very classic weapon of disruption. Firing a plasma ball of electric charges from charge accumulator and it’ll paralyse anything in the blast radius while has a pretty decent damage. (Notes: This can also instantly kills any air units in range.)
    • Superweapon 2: Nano-shield
      This weapon utilises nanites firmly attaching onto the surface, to give a tempoary invincible armour for the units. However because the nanites has to be infuse to the surface of the armour, it’s harmful to any living organisms.
  • Zolarg Empire - Swarm Attack.
    (Bastecklein may not plan to implement it, but it’s just something that I want to share, so enjoy my idea)
    Insectoids has the cheapest training cost of troops, allowing them to make anything in a large number. Their most fierce power does not come from technology, but the power of nature itself, and minds.
  • Superweapon 1: Apocalypse Worm
    When the Altar of Doom is powered by a sufficient amount of Antaura, the Altar can summon a gigantic worm on a site, destroying anything on the surface. (does not affect flying units.)
  • Superweapon 2: Brainwash
    The Tower of Mind can send frequencies of brainwaves to a location, which converts a small group of enemy units into own. No effects on Alpha Drcaonians’ robots.

And some ideas for units.
(Colour of the unit name text represents its faction. Refer to the faction names above.)
  • Enforcer (T3)
    For justice.

    Elites of the UE Space Marines who fight under the name of Justice.

    These heavily armoured infantries are well-equipped. Their plasma blaster will show the enemies who’s the boss today.
  • Infector (T3)
    Infection target confirmed

    The infectors are hard to notice by troops without special sensors. What infectors will do is ‘infect’ a enemy unit with nanites and take control of it.

    Converting units to the own’s side is a useful function... but yes, only one time use per unit - The infector is consumed afterwards.
  • Flying Airfield (T3)
    Ready for bombardments!

    Flying Airfield carries multiple small drones carrying bombs, for bombarding targets far away.

    Expensive heavy bomber unit of UE. No matter the drones are destroyed, the Flying Airfield always dispatches 5 drones in each attack. This Airfield has ability to defend itself from flying units using anti-air machineguns.
  • Kraken (T2)
    Termination Mode: on

    The Kraken is the naval dominance weapon of Alpha Draconians. Indeed, it’s a robotic squid.

    Only torpedos or deep bombs are able to target these submerged steel beasts. So, keep an eye on them and be prepared... before they get too close.
  • Raider Bike (T1)
    Roll to the frontline!

    Raider Bikes are cheap scouting and anti-vehicle units of LIS. Their nimbleness give them advantages in skirmishes.

    These bikes are equipped with grenade launchers.
  • Antanium Wagon (T1)
    I see the enemies!

    Antanium Wagon is the anti-infantry tank of Zolarg Empire claded with antanium plates. Equipped with a dual-rifle rapid fire turret.

    A tough unit that it is basically used for shielding enemy firepower for allies behind. Unlike the anti-infantry vehicles of other factions, it’s pretty slow.
  • belegeringswagen (Siege Wagon) (T2)
    Prepare the artillery shells!

    Belegeringswagen is the siege unit of Zolarg Empire, available earlier as reaching a T2 tech level.

    My imagination tells me it looks like a siege tower with a artillery mounted at the top.
  • Martyr (T1)

    The Martyrs are suicide units, who are brave enough to put on a bomb vest and charge to the enemy formation.

    It’s cheap - That’s the only thing I can say!
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
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#2 2020-03-04 11:39:04
I actually don’t prefer coronavirus nukes as superweapon because it’s quite too common among other games
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
Colony Wars
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