Hello commanders.

Here, I have a couple of suggestions regarding gameplay.

Canceling Queues Function Missing
Yes, a big problem here. Right now the training queues and building orders cannot be canceled. Especially when you are lacking credits and you want to concentrate resources on a particular item, without the cancel queue function, players can’t have a flexible resource usage.
Maybe a button to cancel all constructions (except construction sites, LIS’s way of construction) and training at one.

Selecting Buildings
There are some reasons for the suggestion of selectable buildings.
First it’s the ability train units at a specific site. It’s very inconvenient when troops just pop out from a random factory or barracks.
Second it’s some buildings may have special functions like Command Lander can be packed back to Airborne Lander (optional, if game balance is needed then ignore this idea).
Thrid, able to have a look at the building’s remainding HP.

Placing buildings
Two things to suggest here.
First, a construction range heatmap. Otherwise it’s not clear where players should place the buildings... The heatmap is shown when confirming building placements.
Second, allow players to configerate the placement of buildings instead of placing directly.

In case you don’t need the building at that place anymore, the building can be demolished.