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Some building ideas for Insectoids

Hello guys.

Today I am coming with the ideas for Insectoids.

  • Temple of Brotherhood
    The Great Elder Zhazoo once said, ‘All Insectoids are brothers, from a common origin.’ This famous speech (united all insectoid tribes and) leads to the establishment of the all-time popular, thousand-year-old Brotherhood of The Insectoids - Where the ‘brothers’ shares the joy and happiness, and where ‘brothers’ can always get help when you have troubles. There’s no bigger brothers or smaller brothers, every brothers are equal.

    Consumes rum and money, produces civics and more cash, and provides entertainment.
  • Sound of Zolarg
    At such tough times, you’ll need to cheer your colonists up and keep the entire colony in unity. That’s the time when the Insectoid-fashion speaker tower comes in handy - ‘Sound of Zolarg’. The powerful, heroic speech of Zolarg played by this speaker tower will empower the faith and morale of every insectoids.

    Produces civics. Utilizes bandwidth and consumes microchips.
  • Statue of the Brotherhood
    The brotherhood lives forever!

  • Aero-Hive
    Where the non-queen flying drone bugs are trained for scavenging valuable materials, foraging, and sometimes alien relics on the planet.

    When supplied with sugar, food, water and ant paste, it’ll bring you back with more food, sugar, minerals, and rarely alien items.
  • Astron-Hive
    The Astronhive is an Insectoid spaceport. Though it’s not equipped with much high tech, the sophisticated, refined services it provides are one of the best in the Galaxy, manned by the best craftsbugs and utilitibugs.

    Indeed a spaceport idea... again.
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