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Research not giving me the buildings

So i have been playing this game for a while and took a break. I decided to start a new colony because of all the updates that have been done. So i have unlocked tech but i am not getting the buildings in my list. I have also unlocked clay but i dont event have the clay vehicles to build. I cant even build the water power plant and i do have the mega bots
I’m having the same problem. I’ve researched robotics and it won’t unlock the robot factory. I’ve also researched diamond mining on a different colony and it didn’t give me the option to build diamond miners, so I can’t really continue that colony. It doesn’t happen every time I research something, only once in a while.
iPhone 7 iOS 13.3.1
Check encyclopedia and compare with what you have and what it needs. Usually it happens because your missing the resources it needs.
I've the same problem with the capitol. It doesn't appear in the menu
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