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Researches and upgrades. - Colony Wars

Hello guys!

I did suggest researches for units from buildings before. But this time I'm going straight to the idea items - hopefully the research ideas will fit the game well. Most of them are based on the units in the game.

How to research?
Research items can be purchased at the research tab (not lab), and each research requires particular tech building to unlock for purchases. Time is needed to put the research effects active.
Multiple researches can be researched at the same time.

Ideas of researches
  • <Diamond Solar Panels> (UE)
    Available from Research Lab.
    All solar panels yields 3 more power.
  • <Armour Piercing Ammunition> (UE)
    Available from Research Lab.
    Improves attack power of all small arms weapon class units by 2.
  • <Composite Armour Plates> (UE)
    Available from Experimental Tech Center.
    +10 hitpoints for Harvester (UE), Light Tank and Rocket Tank (A multifunction rocket artillery, switched to anti-air when changed to immobile mode). +25 hitpoints for Medium Tank and Heavy Assault Tank (A heavy tank which cannot fire while moving but has devastating proton cannon and toughest armour).
  • <Improved Jet Engine> (UE)
    Available from Experimental Tech Centre.
    Jetpack Infantry and all United Earth aircrafts moves faster.
  • <Honeycomb Ceramic Structure> (UE)
    Available from Research Lab.
    All buildings +100 hitpoints.
  • <Proton Accumulators> (UE)
    Available from Experimental Tech Centre.
    Improves attack power of all Proton weapon class units by 8 but Heavy Assault Tank by 20.
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