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More objects for maps - Colony Wars

Hello Commanders!

This time, it is not much about the gameplay - but some ideas of neat objects for a better stylized map...

City related items
  • <Concrete Cliff Walls>
    Like what cliffs do, but it is reinforced with concrete for fitting urban environments.
  • <Roadblocks>
    Of course, for decorative use, or it can do some real blockade jobs.
  • <Civilian Vehicles>
    Stuff like taxi, buses, ambulance. Totally decorative.
  • <Garrisonable Civilian Buildings>
    Before really implementing garrisoning features, maybe the civilian buildings can be implemented as decorative objects first.
  • <Street Lamp>
    500% an urban object. Maybe a light source too.
  • <Piles of supplies>
    I'm very sure it is kind of wierd seeing ore deposits popping out in the city... So this alternative object will act as a resource deposit.

Battlefield related items
  • <Starship Wreck>
    Humm. Looks like there was a fierce space battle... some time ago.
  • <Tank/Aircraft Wreck>
    Common battlefield scraps.
  • <Burnt Trees>
    Now it is just charcoal and ashes.
  • <Shipwreck>
    It might fits well into both water and dry lands.
  • <Tents>
    Tents that are probably now being used by somebody... But who cares? They are harmless!

Suburb related items
  • <Farm Fences>
    They can keep some animals (and also soldiers) off from the crops.
  • <Hay Bales/Piles>
    Some harvested hay. Seemed the farmers did not make hiding these crops inside their barn on time before the battle comes.
  • <Transceiver>
    Imagine you can still sit on your sofa watching TV even when bullets flying at your frontyard...
  • <Light Post>
    Some illumination in the dark suburban night would be good.

  • <Dig Sites>
    These archaeological dig sites will bring us some valuable ancient alien artifacts.
    Maybe a victory point provider in a different gamplay mode.
  • <Abandoned Artillery Platform>
    Once captured, it can do something useful.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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