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Pirated Version of PDF Document Scanner on Google Play

I was checking out my download and usage reports this morning, and I noticed a lot of unusual activity coming from my PDF Document Scanner app. After investigating, I discovered that someone has decided to reverse engineer my app and release it under their own account using the name Classic Doc Scanner. You can see the illegitimate copy here:

I've reported the app to Google, although there has been no response or action taken. If anybody has free time on their hands, feel free to report the above app to Google. You can clearly see it is a direct rip of my own PDF Document Scanner classic, which you can see at the link below:

They didn't even bother to take their own screenshots, they just dressed up and reused mine. I am hoping that if Google gets enough reports on the app, it might actually show up on their radar and they will take action.
mmh, searching "classic doc scanner" on google play, you come up in 9th (microsoft's in 7th) after 2 ads, and the fake app doesnt show up. Maybe that's what reporting does until they manually go through it.
Even specifying "Alice C Smith" did not show the app.
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nice post thank you zepeto
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