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Hello commanders.

This post will introduce my ideas for superweapons in Colony Wars.

Singularity Beam - United Earth
A weapon invented under experimental accident of multidimensional teleporting, the beam creates a singularity point when strongly colliding with landmass, forming a momentary multidimensional crack that tears and crushes anything around it - similar to a blackhole.
The weapon is deployed in form of space strike satillites, not just providing a more flexible firing mode, but also preventing unwanted destruction when malfunction accidents takes place that the singularity forms inside the beam emitter.
The weapon is still in early development during the war between United Earth and LIS, but the destructiveness it harnesses has make it a superweapon of United Earth arsenal.
United Earth commanders can call in a Singularity Strike with the presence of Space Uplink (or Space Command).

Disaster Missile - LIS
The Disaster ISWM (Inter-Stellar Warp-speed Missile) is originally the experimental Instant Terraformer Bomb (ITB) from United Earth labs. The blueprints stolen by hackers of LIS, with reverse engineering and altering of ITB, these terraforming bombs becomes Disaster Warheads, which it creates climate disasters by a catalystic yet controlled terraforming process.
LIS resistance soon developed their own ISWM technology that are able to bypass United Earth's anti-missile systems. Combining with the disaster warheads, this gave birth to LIS's weapon of ‘liberation’ - Disaster Missile.
Once detonated, it releases a devastating storm that continuously severely damaging anything within.
LIS commanders have access to these missiles once the Missile Silo (or Subterranean Command) is built.

Hopefully you'll like this idea.
Though a bit shy to ask about it... @bastecklein, do you have alternative ideas regarding this?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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