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Terraforming feature ideas.

Hello everyone. I bet yall were expecting me to post a good long book of terraforming ideas. The ironic part is that I don’t have to. Most or all of the ideas that I’ve posted are well within the realm of possibility for mc2.

This means that My planet hub thread can still be used for ideas regarding mc2, even though they will need to be adapted to fit 3D style gameplay.

One of the bigger ideas that I’ve always liked was the idea of platform building for space stations and floating gas giant cities. This is totally doable in mc2 and I would like nothing more than to see it implemented into mc2 eventually.

Another thing that I’ve always pushed for is terraformation dynamics, or basically the planets’ ability to change with the atmosphere level instead of just using it as a progress bar to becoming earthlike. This means it could become barren if atmosphere gets too low and become hellish if atmosphere gets too high. A balance would need to be reached to keep the planet habitable. The addition of a temperature element to terraforming would add another “dimension” to the terraforming side of the game.

I’ve put more detailed versions of these ideas on My planet hub thread, so be sure to check it out, I’ll add the link shortly.

Edit: planet hub link:
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