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Suggestions on confirmed factions' military features

Hello commanders!

Here, I'd like to suggest the styles of confirmed factions in Colony Wars. Hopefully this can be a reference for making units.

United Earth
  • <Torrent of Steel>
    From basic infantries to their mechanized forces, they are equipped to the teeth with the sturdiest steel armour, giving them a relative high combat lifespan on battlefields of the war. When fighting in a large formation, this torrent of steel is unstoppable.
  • <Ace of the Skies>
    Speaking of the skies, United Earth has the finest airforce known, with a variety of specialist for different tasks - Paratroopers, jetpack squads, surgical strikers, air superiority fighters, you name it.
  • <Weapons of Finest Technology>
    The weapons of United Earth are equipped with newest military technologies - railguns, plasma cannons, EM Pulse bombs... Though expensive, but each of them will shine on the battlefield and impress everyone.

  • <Guerilla Tactics>
    Most of the weapons of LIS are fit for hit and run tactics, focused on instantaneous firepower and mobility, at the cost of armour. One of the best example being their Cruiser Tank, suited for harnessing loopholes in enemy formations with nimble speed and a strong medium range main gun.
  • <Masters of Stealth>
    The stealth technologies of LIS are to be reckoned. On the land, they have F.O.G. (field obstruction generator) that can hide their troops from radar detection. On the high seas, they have sneaky submarines that can bring deadly suprise to their preys. In the shadows, their saboteurs will bring the mess to the enemy base.
  • <Offensive is the Best Defense>
    Entrenching is not the style of LIS, reflected from their weapons in the arsenal - From Scorch Tanks that makes trenches and bunkers never safe to hide, to their rocket artilleries that can dismantle fortifications easily in a few barrages.

Zolarg Empire
  • <Power of Many>
    Zolarg Empire has one of the largest manpower support thanks to their high reproduction rate as Insectoids. Which, this allows them to build up a large swarm of (poorly equipped) troopers easily to pressure the foes of the Empire.
  • <Colossal Weapons>
    In contrast to their major forces that must fight on superior numbers, their colossal weapons are the opposite - expensive, slow, but with devastating individual strength. Their signature genetically engineered Behemoths can cut steel like butter with their hardened claws, while most low caliber weapons will have hard time piercing its tough exoskeleton.
  • <Subterranean Warfare Specialists>
    The impressive burrowing skills of Insectoids can even be used in a great war, giving them special advantages. From their Gunners that are able to dig in for defense, to their underground squads ready to reinforce their brothers anytime. Even most their buildings can be defensive bunkers.
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