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My Starships - Ideas for some more starships and drones

Just a list of ideas of starships, and drones that are put into hangar bays.

  • 'Mayflower' Class Cruise Ship
    Basically a large long range civilian transportation vessel. It has a large passenger capacity and a moderate cargo capacity, however with quite minimal self defense.
    These ships often carry some luxury goods like rum and spices.
  • Buffalo Type-C Drone Carrier
    An industrial class vessel for, most commonly, carrying mining drones, with a built-in mining beam cannon used for both mining business and self-defense.
    Usually they will head to uninhabited planets for their mining operations. And due to that, most of them carries a variety of minerals.
  • Bradley MKVI Cruiser
    Bradley series 2nd generation cruiser are developed after the Human Civil War under the military renovation plan of Marshal Bradley, the head of United Earth Security Council.
  • Comanche MKII Gunship Drone
    A combat drone with well-balanced power, cost and reliability.
  • B-24 Generic Engineering Drone
    A highly practical multipurpose drone that are used for repairing starship in space or participate in mining tasks.

  • RumiteCaravan Vrachtschip
    Standard Multipurpose Cargo Ship which are built for Zolarg Empire.
  • Bijenkorfschip
    A military class drone carrier used by Zolarg fleets. They are well known for having one of the most efficient hangar bay designs.
  • Sprinkhaan Combat Drone
    A notorious Zolarg military drone feared by any enemies of Zolarg Empire, able to disintegrate any ships within matter of minutes. Though not highly reliable.
  • Steenworm Mining Drone
    Cheap yet reliable mining drone used by most Zolarg mining fleets.

  • Draconian FuelArk
    Fuels like Uranium are one of the most important strategic resources of Alpha Draonians. This FuelArk is designed to escort and transport these fuels - Designed to be one of the heaviest armed cargo ship in the galaxy.
  • Draconian Ransacker
    Yes, even for Alpha Draconians, piracy is also strictly not allowed - unless you have piracy license from them. The Ransacker is designed for licensed pirates. One of the fastest lightweight starship with reasonable armaments, and a bestseller years ago.
  • Draconian Predator
    A type of frigate which are equipped by Quick Response Unit of Alpha Draconians. Like a predator, they won't allow escape of any hostile ships. Their nimble speed is almost unmatched.
  • Draconian Extractor Probe
    Extractor probes are very common in Alpha Draconians. From their colonies to their mining fleets, these mining drones can be seen. They are created to equip best technology and bears the best quality, but also very... expensive.
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