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Idea for My Starships - REPUTATION OVERVIEW

Hello guys.

Just a simple idea for the game My Starship.

A reputation overview, as well what reputation affects.

Reputation overview shows your reputation among existing factions.
Example factions:

Major Factions
  • United Earth
  • League of Independent States
  • Zolarg Empire
  • Alpha Draconians
Minor Factions
  • Twilight Syndicate
    The notorious criminal syndicate known for their illegal operations throughout the galaxy, from smuggling to hijacking ships.
  • New Galactic Imperialists
    The secret organisation who are ambitious to restore the ancient Old Galactic Empire. You will never know where these conspiracists are headquartered, but you can recieve their secret quest anywhere by chance.
  • Blue Comet Mercenaries
    One of the major mercenary agency of the galaxy which they are also known as ‘Peacekeeper Merc’.
  • City States of the Outer Rim
    The planets on the Outer Rim are usually forgotten by the rest of the Galaxy. Knowing they cannot just do nothing, these planetary city states formed an alliance to help each other, as well hope they can get noticed by others.

At the beginning of the game, players will start with reputation bonus with their home main faction.
The relations is shown in arbitrary numbers. As always, larger the (positive) value better your relation with that faction. While in negative numbers, it means you have a bad profile.
There's a threshold for a neutral reputation, around the value of -10 to +10. The threshold will keep you from some troubles if your reputation drops.
If your reputation among a faction dropped below -40 you'll be blacklisted from most services provided by that faction. At below -80 you'll be regarded as a criminal or enemy in their territory, which their military vessels will attempt to attack your ship (unless conducting peaceful missions which you'll have a temporary access).

United Earth +83 (Honoured)
League of Independent States -4 (Neutral)
Zolarg Empire -45 (Blacklisted)
Alpha Draconians -92 (Listed as wanted)

Now let's see how would the reputation affect the gameplay.
In terms of trading, planets a faction you have maintained a good reputation will offer discount to your purchase, and they'll be willing to pay more when you're selling things to them.
Good reputation also results in a few more benefits including more-profitable missions, cheaper repairs and refuel, and unblocking faction unique items.

Here are some factors that will affect reputation among factions.
Quests is still being a main factor - which these missions often involved some galactic affairs, from diplomatic missions to conspiracy of war and revolution. The outcome of the mission will not just impact relations with the involved planetary government, but also the faction. Either positively or negatively.
Failed to complete a quest can also degrade your reputation. So make sure you're able to complete the quest.
A bulk purchase or mass sale will also help developing some reputation, it is a more secured way as there are very few cases you'll make people mad... for instance when you are depleting their critical resources like food, water and uranium.
In case you have earned a notorious reputation among some factions, negotiation is always an option. They may ask you to pay fines, imprisonment, asset confiscation, or just a mission to redeem your crimes. If you're able to fulfill the demands, they'll consider lifting blacklist or death/prosecution warrant.
I'm also introducing a special contract called War Contract. This is signed with a faction, which your client will ask you to fight target faction in a series of high-pay missions. While it can boost your reputation among a faction, it'll also degrade your reputation in another faction. When the war is over you'll be at least blacklisted by the enemy faction. Depending on the reputation before the war and how much damage you have caused, you might even get listed as wanted.

Okay, here's all.
So what do you think?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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