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I agree with Constanryuk. It's enough of a hassle to worry about making sure you colony stays alive and happy. That alone requires every bit of the resources that a colony can produce, at least until later stages. There is no room in the colony growth process for developing a Military, it just doesn't fit and it would make the game a joke in my opinion and I probably would stop playing it.
Wardog said:
My ideas wouldn't really convert it into a war game. Since the majority of players are colonies, military would be of little importance to them.

What about the independent/colonies that wishes to not get attacked and remain peaceful/neutral?(aka, to Not get involved)
I think to an extent we need some form of conflict. For smaller players research and growth is the conflict however eventually this game is going to have alot of players that have reached the end of the research tree most likely. I'm not saying we need war but we will definitely need some form of conflict that will give players who gave have developed alot something to do whether it be craft intricate diplomatic policies or solve some sort of problem. It doesn't matter what it is but we need some sort of ongoing conflict that everyone can participate in once they get further in the game.
For the Crimson fleet grows closer.
I don't have any plans to add combat to My Colony. I mean I didn't plan to add any online to it either, and you see what happened there.

I am not saying it is impossible that I will add it in the future. But I will never add the ability to have your colony get attacked or for you to attack another colony. Perhaps a way that your colony can build starships and you can have battles out in space somewhere. Maybe when Federations are implemented, a federation can band together and build a starfleet where you can fly around and find resources and shoot at other spaceships.

But then again, adding all of that would make it a totally different game. So i don't know.
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