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Features for possible factions (revised, idea)

Hello commanders!

Since the game (Colony Wars) is not yet complete, there is still some room for suggestions and ideas. Especially, possible playable factions in the game - which is what I'm gotta talk about today.
At this moment, the background of the game is assumed to be the Human Civil War, or also known as the Independence War by League of Independent States.

United Earth (UE) - United Earth Space Marines
The war started by insurgents of LIS has divided United Earth into halves, shaken the stability and prosperity of this great union. In the darkest time when United Earth is in danger, the Space Marines bears the mission to defend their homeland, to maintain its integrity.

With the might of their disciplined soldiers and powerful war machines, Space Marines can go toe-to-toe against almost anyone. The fearless mechanized forces is not their only advantage, they have air superiority and orbital control to assist their army from the skies.
  • Their mechanized forces has balanced performance which makes them suitable for most combat situations.
  • Has the best airforce, but their air units require support from airfields. Interceptor crafts can establish air supremacy that counters other flying units such as gunships, while bomber crafts fits the role of tactical/strategic bombing.
  • Uses airborne support powers, such as orbital airdrop and air recon, or even call in orbital bombardment from friendly starship in planetary orbit.

League of Independent States (LIS) - Independence Army
The unreasonable and extreme policies of United Earth over the years had put countless colonies in misery, people can no longer tolerate their tyranny. The Independence Army rise to struggle for freedom and independence of these people through an independence war.

Contrasted to Space Marines, Independence Army lacks the immense firepower and armor of traditional mechanized forces for a direct confrontation, but they compensated that by adopting guerilla tactics and stealth. They strike fast and hard on their enemies, meanwhile well hidden under their radar disruptors.
  • Their units are suitable for hit-and-run tactics due to weak armor but capable of rapid hard hitting.
  • Their radar disruptors can generate fog of war on surrounding area which the enemy radar cannot see the hidden regions without sending scouts.
  • Submarines makes up their navy. Attack submarine for establishing naval supremacy, missile submarine for long range fire support (capable of withdraw quickly).

Zolarg Empire (ZE) - Zolarg Expeditionary Forces
Zolarg Empire had formed a hard-won secret alliance with LIS, promised to provide necessary assistance to the independence movements of the Independence Army. Now their ally is in trouble confronting the powerful Space Marines of United Earth, the Zolarg Expeditionary Forces must be dispatched to assist them, to fulfill their promise.

Zolarg Expeditionary Forces might not have sophisticated technologies like others, however rapid development and quantity makes up their weaknesses. They can pressure their enemies by swarming with cheap but threatening swarm forces - anyone else on the battlefield will know they are not only an nuisance, but a hazard. Burrowing skills and subterranean tactics further enhances their durability on battlefields.
  • Mainly fights using infantries. Weak when alone, but devastating when in numbers.
  • Subterranean support powers like subterranean ambush and instant bunker can be good distractions to your enemies or give a little push to your offensives.
  • Their units does not require multiple infrastructural support to be used which their major battle units can be quickly unlocked to establish early advantage. However, they are rather inferior to their counterparts, the advantage would diminish over time.

Alpha Draconians (AD) - Alpha Legion
Since the uprising of insectoid slaves and rise of the Zolarg Empire, the 'invincibility' of Alpha Draconians had been shaken to the foundations. In order to recover the fearsome reputation, the Overlord appointed his personal military, the Alpha Legion, to plan on an unexpected invasion on humans, exploit the timing they are at war.

Alpha Legion processes the greatest tactical mobility which a majority of their forces can hover over most terrain, nullifying terrain advantages the enemy has. The cunning traditions of Alpha Draconians is also represented by their use of infiltrators and spies, disrupting enemies from the inside, giving critical blows to enemies who never prepare for 'a war of two fronts'.
  • Most of their units can hover which they are not blocked by water bodies and cliffs. This advantage can be harnessed to flank enemies easily and nullify their terrain advantages.
  • Use your infiltrators to enhance efforts of your offensive - sabotaging enemy facilities at good timing can make a critical blow. However, keep an eye on anti-stealth detectors.
  • Their teleportation support power can be handy - if a powerful unit is teleported into enemy base, it can stir up some chaos to the enemy.
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