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[Fan Art] [Fan Lore] 100px emblems for factions.

Hello guys!

Here, may I present the icons created for the factions of My Colony Univere.
I'll also propose a few ideas for minor factions.

Let's begin with the major 4 civilizations in My Colony!

United Earth
The United Earth has brought the human civilization into another golden age since they are founded in 2050s, they are ambitious to expand their frontiers beyond the limits, through extensive colonization projects (While controlling their colonies with an iron fist). The Light of Prosperity and Globe of Unity of their emblem reflects their core values promoting order and prosperity.

League of Independent States (LIS)
The LIS is a new nation which broke away from United Earth after the Human Civil War, who upholds liberal values and fairness. Although they are facing various 'sanctions' from United Earth that has been largely limited their development, they made to have their own way to create their own opportunities in the vast Milky Way galaxy. The Cross of Liberty shall lead them to the crossroads of new possibilities and hope.

Zolarg Empire
The Zolarg Empire is a young insectoid empire dedicated to revive the Bouwland insectoid civilization and free their brothers and sisters from Alpha Draconian slavery. They have been conducting interstellar colonization and forming diplomatic alliances in recent years, to accumulate their strength for confronting their enemy Alpha Draconians and avenge for their ancestors. The face of their great Emperor Zolarg is a symbol of courage and power among the insectoids.

Alpha Draconians (...not sure if the emblem is sutible for)
The Alpha Draconians is an old reptilian empire who once had absolute galactic dominance in the Milky Way galaxy, they inherited most of the advanced technologies of the Ancients. Despite their recent decline, they are still a superpower in the Milky Way galaxy, and they are actively attempt to strengthen their supremacy.

Here are the emblems for minor factions (fan ideas):

New Galactic Empire/Imperialists
A new 'Empire' founded on territories in center of Milky Way galaxy that were once under Alpha Draconian control, aimed to restore the Galactic Empire of which ruled by the Ancients. Although this is (presumed) just a small organization owning only a small territory, however, the scale of their influence spread is unprecedented. There are rumors saying that their operatives were everywhere.

Outer Rim City-State Alliance (ORCA)
The scattered, independent civilizations and city states at the outer rims of the galaxy are often ignored or neglected by those closer to the central regions. Unable to rely on other major factions of the Milky Way galaxy, these scattered planetary governments instead formed an alliance between themselves, not only for seeking true mutual cooperation, but also to follow the trend of this galactic era.

Atlanian Kingdoms
The Atlanians is an aquatic, civilized race with a certain extent of interstellar influence, their kingdoms spread across oceanic planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Pretty well known for their meticulous culture and manners. Their conflict non-involvement and non-aggression policy rendered them as one of the most neutral factions at most times.

Twilight Syndicate
There are countless people who spend most of their lifetime straying in space, most of them are mercenaries and freelancers, or roaming raiders looking for bounty. The largest group of these space strayers being the Twilight Syndicate. The Syndicate represents a rebellion against the galactic imperialism ("Let the sun set!"), though, sometimes they would 'cooperate' with the major factions whom compete for galactic supremacy.

Hopefully you'll like it!
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