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Unemployment+Buildings Not Working - Page 2

Does anyone know if the building not working bug is going to be fixed soon? Since 47 came out virtually all of my buildings have stopped producing. I have stopped playing as there is no point being on the game when it is just sitting there using food and water.

Galaxy S5 Neo, Android.

Cheers. Matt.
I'm just curious if anyone has any insight into weather the size of the colony creates the glitch. My colony hasn't worked in like a month and a half. It's kinda annoying to try to get on even. It's one of those massive maps. The human colony is this way, but not the insectoid colony. That is working really well actually. I wonder if it's some human building that's causing the problem, or if something about the massive population. I noticed that the biggest problems are with buildings that require a lot of workers. most other buildings had an easy time. Buildings like the food processing plant just do not make.
@TheGreatPumpkin -- while I think the size of the colony might contribute, I started a new Zolarg colony yesterday and I noticed on the Antanium smelters the same problem. The Zolargs don't notice the issue as acutely, since the baseline production needs come from the bugs harvesting the actual environment itself, not producing something from the resources. This colony is only around 2500 colonists at the time I noticed it happening. The smelters reported six workers but wasn't producing, you look at the 6 workers and find out there are only 3 and 2 are unemployed, or there are 3-4 of the same person, etc. What is worse to me, is that the Zolarg colony I started was online, not in the native client, so it appears to me this isn't native client specific, which I thought maybe it was since I'd only experienced it there and not in any of my online colonies as of yet.
Wardog said:I'm using Native Client on Windows with Build v0.46.0.

There's no real steps to replicate this as it just happens.

Bug 1:
Many times I click on a building's worker list and find less people working there then listed.

Example: A building listed as 40/40 workers when clicked will only show 3/40 workers and the listed number is updated.

This is quite annoying and hurts production. I can't find a real fix as I have enough unemployed people to fill in all the jobs. Sometimes the employee list will have some people listed as "Unemployed" even though they're on an employee list.

Bug 2:
At random almost all of the production buildings stopped working properly even though they had workers and 100% condition. The buildings produce much slower then they're supposed to or not producing at all. Clicking on the employee list will fix it temporarily, but they can still glitch again. This only fixes individual buildings and this a massive issue for larger colonies who have a lot of these buildings.

This bug can also be combined with Bug 1 above, meaning a building not working could have you click on the worker list and find the building not having the amount of workers as listed.

Edit: Apparently this has been happening to at least a few people. I would like to point out that this can be considered game breaking as these can top production of vital colony resources(Food and water) and can lead to a colony failing.

I am having the same problem with my note 8. I love this game but these issues make it unplayable. Please fix!
I can also confirm dificulties with people really working in comparision to the stat numbers given.
But the stat screen itself is somehow bugged.
I have 4.880 colonists, 5.191/ 5.200 jobs filled and finally at the same time 873 unemployed workers in the main screen view, with 0 % unemployment in the stat screen.

The values are not stabile... sometimes the main screen stat also shows 50 to 90 unemployed colonist, shortly after another 800+.

To all...I reported the sharp production decrease / consumption increase in water and food some weeks ago as well. I could countermeasure only with new productions facilities and took 15K colonist losses.

Latest wrinkle on this persistent bug: Zombie workers!

I was up to about 8k and food production started to tank. Employment stats weird (unemployment listed at 5%, but 1057 unemployed of 8k population, etc). I figured maybe I have too many people, and sold some housing and put em on extreme labor to kill them off.

Well, they didn't die!!

Food and water at 0 due to non-production in vertical farms and alien condensers. Colonists still hanging on.

Click on a building, shows full employment (example: 60/60) but production progress bar not moving. Click on workers, only 2-5 workers are listed.

Not fun any more. Game is unplayable.

Version 49, iphone 7+.
This problem has reappeared since 50 came out. 49 fixed the issue for me but now I have a lot of buildings just sitting there not producing anything (even when fully staffed) unless I click on the employee list, at which point they start producing again. But can not do this for all hundreds of buildings.

I also now have unemployment and homelessness going all over the show (again), despite having more than enough jobs and housing. :/

Same issues as described above. (Windows 7 64bit, Locally installed client, Build 0.50.0)

1. Unemployment and total jobs in Stats does not match actual unemployment and population of colony.

2. However, if I click "U" it lists a bunch of unemployed workers, most of which are hired to buildings.

3. If I look at a resource building and it says 6/18 workers, when I click to see the list of workers there will be duplicate names that say unemployed...but they work there? Can't move or hire anyone to this building while in this state.

4. Due to #3 the buildings will sometimes stop production as well. I did verify 100% condition and active.
**Not same building as previous screenshots, but it still had the same issue as #3**

i have the same issue. And the Statistics r showing strange things as well.....
There are lots of jobs avaliable in my colony, but when i click on the building, there seem to be a lot of "unemployed" colonists filling the vacant slots. Im guessing they get in the way of new workers? Chause when i build a new building, it get filled with new workers instantly....
Right now i wonder if i have to demolish buildings and rebuild them to get workers. I am having a real resource problem now bechause of buildings not producing
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