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Scam PDF Document Scanner App on the Play Store

Update 20210420
Google Play support representatives are still directing scammed customers to contact my e-mail over this fraudulent PDF Document Scanner app by ViewAI Lab. I have tried repeatedly to contact Google about this, but it is impossible to get in touch with a real human at Google. Please remember that Ape Apps has never and will never charge insane subscription prices for anything.

I have just been made aware of a scam PDF Document Scanner app that was recently added to Google Play that is duping customers into a $70/year IAP annual subscription. The reason I was made aware of this is I was just contacted by a user wishing to cancel their subscription, and Google Play referred the user to me, telling her that this was my app!

The scam app in question is developed by some outfit called ViewAI Lab and can be found here:

Just to be clear, this app is not developed by me, and has no affiliation with Ape Apps whatsoever. As near as I can tell, this app is just a scam in order to trick users into buying an expensive annual subscription.

If you are interested in a real PDF Document Scanner app that will not try to scam you with outlandish charges, mine can also be found on the Play Store under the EZ Office brand: PDF Document Scanner by Ape Apps. Mine has been on the market for years and has no subscriptions of any kind, and certainly no $70 IAP.

I am just putting this out there as sort of a PSA, since it seems Google Play is now referring duped customers over to me. I just want to make it clear that I have no involvement whatsoever in this pricing scam.

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