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2018-08-16 22:01:19

Honoring 6 Years of Level Up!

This week I was finalizing the v2.17.0 update for Level Up RPG (based on engine updates from an upcoming Level Up game which I am not yet announcing), and I realized that we are only a few months away now from the six year anniversary of the original v1.0 release of Level Up, which was released on November 11th, 2012.

So Level Up was one of the first games that I ever released, and it was the first game I made that had any semblance of depth or story-line. The game came out just a few months after I had decided to quit my full time job and attempt to make it as a mobile app developer. The income was not too great yet back then, and so things were sort of "do-or-die" at that time. I remember pretty vividly the night that I released the game, going to bed excited, wondering what kind of downloads and reviews it would have the next day. Luckily, even with how basic the game was, people seemed to like it, and Level Up became my first game to break the 10,000 downloads barrier, which at the time was pretty awesome for me.
2018-07-14 15:10:44

Closing the Ape Apps Podcasts Website

A couple of years ago, I thought it would be a fun project to create my own online podcast hosting website from scratch, and so was born. The site actually worked pretty good, and I used it to host the official My Colony Podcast, which at its height was netting several thousand listeners per episode.

Since then, most of my web development efforts have focused on improving the main Ape Apps website, which is running a custom content management application that I am writing myself from scratch. At this point, I now have the full functionality of the original Ape Apps Podcasts website built in to the main Ape Apps website, rendering the old podcasts site unnecessary. I have transferred all of the old My Colony Podcast to this server, and in the coming weeks I will be shutting down the old Ape Apps Podcasts server for good.

So, for those who subscribed to the old My Colony Podcast at the old URL, the new location for the My Colony Podcast is here:

I don't know if I will add new episodes or not, it really depends on what people want.

So with the new Podcasting capabilities, the Ape Apps website software continues to grow and improve. The ultimate goal is to build the capabilities up to the point where I can convert my RP Forums website over to this software package, and it is getting closer by the month!
2018-06-29 16:03:47

GPS Speedometer Goes Cross-Platform

Back in August of 2012, I released my GPS Speedometer app for Android to the Google Play store. Today, nearly 6 years later (and thanks to the power of Web App Core), I am pleased to announce that GPS Speedometer from Ape Apps is now available on all major platforms!

GPS Speedometer is a free and handy app that turns your device into a fully functional Speedometer. It works by using your device's GPS radio and calculates your speed based on time and distance traveled. The app updates in real time, supports Imperial and Metric units, shows your current direction like a compass, displays your total distance traveled, stores your top speed, and shows your current location on the map. It even allows you to share your top speed over various social networks (for bragging purposes).

GPS Speedometer is now available for free on Android, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows 10, and even in your favorite web browser. Pretty much any device with GPS capabilities can use the app. So, what are you waiting for? Every phone needs a speedometer, so go out there and download this one today! Leave comments on how to improve the app, and feel free to give it a favorable rating in the various app stores 😀! I'd appreciate it!
2018-02-08 20:34:41

Become the Ultimate Colonial Tycoon!

Today Ape Apps is pleased to announce our first new release of 2018: Colonial Tycoon! Colonial Tycoon is based on the core engine of My Business Empire and set in the universe of My Colony. The year is 2060 and you are one of the first colonists on the Red Planet. Some people are moving there to start a new life. Some for political and religious freedom. You are moving there to get rich! Start out with a handful of cash and grow your business, employing wise money management tactics along the way. Unlock new technologies and licenses which allow you to expand your business like never before!

Ever since My Colony came out in the summer of 2016, people have been asking me to turn it into an "idle" game, one that runs in the background and collects resources while you are away. Now, this is something that is never going to happen, for the simple reason that it would completely change the mechanics of the game. It got me thinking though. I do already have an idle money-making simulation game called My Business Empire. Why not build off of that code and make a My Colony themed idle money maker? And thus, Colonial Tycoon was born.

While Colonial Tycoon reuses much of the core My Business Empire code, it also expands on the engine by adding a new technology upgrade feature, similar to the tech upgrades present in My Colony. New techs can lead to the unlocking of new buildings, and vice versa. This adds a fun new element and challenge to the standard money collecting gameplay found in the original My Business Empire. In addition to the new technology unlocking features, the core engine recieved various bug fixes and performance improvements, which will ultimately be making their way back into the original My Business Empire title. Much like the dynamic between My Colony and Antiquitas, updates to one game will directly impact and improve the other, speeding up the development for both and creating a win-win situation for the everybody involved.

Colonial Tycoon is now available for free on all major mobile and desktop platforms. Basically, if you have a device, you can play Colonial Tycoon. Find download links at the official Colonial Tycoon website below:
2017-12-06 16:39:50

Ape Apps Winter 2017/2018 Plans

This is just a quick update on the tentative release schedule for Ape Apps this winter.

The first item on the agenda is to get the Zolarg race in My Colony caught up to the Humans. This will span over several updates during the next few weeks or so.

After that, I plan on finishing my work on the Ape Apps Accounts system, getting some things on the website here finished up, and moving RP Forums over to the new software.

With the new account system is coming a new token/avatar system where users can design their own avatars linked to their account, which can then appear in different Ape Apps games. Right off the bat I have plans to implement this into My Colony/Antiquitas, My Land, and the upcoming Death 3d. Death 3d is being delayed until I have the avatar system done, but I think it will be worth it. The same system is also going to make it a lot easier for me to create all of the character images needed for Death 3d itself.

Somewhere in there I will be slowly adding the new Reptilian race into My Colony. Next spring work will begin on Colony Wars.
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