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Discontinuing the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge

A few years ago I developed an application called the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge which allowed web apps on Ape Web Apps to access native desktop capabilities, such as local filesystem access and TCP/IP LAN networking. Later I also added this functionality right into the Ape Apps Launcher (found on the Settings screen). Today I am removing the ability to access the Bridge from the web apps, and will be removing the feature from the Launcher on it's next release.

The reason is that the feature is no longer necessary and just adds extra unnecessary bloat to both the Launcher and the Ape Web Apps website. The TCP/IP networking is no longer necessary as peer to peer multiplayer can now be achieved using WebRTC (which is how My Colony 2 does it), and installed Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) can now have access to the desktop file system on their own without the need for special bridge software. These capabilities make the bridge unnecessary and redundant, so I will no longer be spending time or resources on maintaining it.

If you have previously installed the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge application on your PC, you may uninstall it, as it will no longer be functional after today.

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