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Office tower

#1 2017-10-12 04:00:01
The intention here to create the office tower were to create massive load of job being offered. Fantasy land Arcology created too much residents and i dont have much job to offer.

I can control the office tower to be deactivated after firedrill, to make sure all other jobs were filled up before colonies start to work in office tower.

Beside it was nice to have different skyscraper to decorate my colony.

Suggestive stats:

Create 10000 job.

- power
- lot of wood (paper)
- microchips (PC)

- money
- lot of trash

Charter code: T0gtaz50 (Both 0 are zero). Join me, I am resource rich.
#2 2017-10-12 14:09:47
That's a good idea, but there's already a tall bank building that offeres a lot of jobs. Build a bunch of those and you would be able to make good money and civics and provide a bunch of jobs. Bast would not be likely to add another skyscraper that makes money because the tall bank makes money and civics and doesn't consume any resource at all except power.

Now if you replace money with civics and call it an Administration tower, that would employ a lot of people and make tons of civics needed to make big trades in the billions. Mostly, if we want Bast to use our ideas, they have to fill a certain need where other buildings don't.

Make sure to include the resource costs, building size, and the production and consumption rate. Also, if you include a picture from inkscape, bast will be likely to add it if he thinks it fills a need that other buildings don't.
#3 2017-10-13 06:32:48
Investment bank don't use up enough job, merely 500 jobs. 1 fantasy arcology alone create 16k houses.

The need here is to create jobs for big colonies. 1 office tower take 10k jobs, instead of having us building 20 banks which take up land space.

If these were made available in early game, office tower can help regulate the unemployment. Just deactivate n firedrill, enable after everyone settle down.

I am not good in art, probably need the communities to help on that part.

I dont know if the below are sensible, i just whack.
Suggestive stats:

Medium office
Build resource:
40k money
10k steel (building structure)
10k ore (building structure)
10k plastic (building structure)
10k brick (building structure)
5k wood (building structure)
5k pottery (office deco)
4k cloth (office carpet)
10k microchip (office PC and laptop)
30k civic
Create 5000 job

Consume: (not sure how to define the unit consume)
- 1000 power
- 10 wood per minute (paper)
- 10 civic per minute (work ethic?)

- 100 money per minute
- 1000 trash per minute (paper shredding)

Office tower
Build resource:
250k money
400k steel (building structure)
400k ore (building structure)
300k plastic (building structure)
200k brick (building structure)
100k wood (building structure)
80k pottery (office deco)
80k cloth (office carpet)
500k microchip (office PC and laptop)
300k civic
Create 36000 job <--encouraging point to build

- 10000 power
- 100 wood per minute (paper)
- 100 civic per minute (work ethic?)

- 1000 money per minute
- 10000 trash per minute (paper shredding) <--discouraging point to build

Charter code: T0gtaz50 (Both 0 are zero). Join me, I am resource rich.
#4 2017-10-16 08:43:23
I would also like to point out that I am building 20 office building in sequence using 30 drone, it really took very long time to complete and a lot of resource, just to create 500 job each, hence my cash has drop 2 digit. IMHO i am having 30bil to start with.
Charter code: T0gtaz50 (Both 0 are zero). Join me, I am resource rich.
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