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[Idea] [My Starships] Shipbuilding Corporations

Hello guys!

I kind of having ideas of limiting the types of ships you can buy from a spacedock, by each spacedock are run by a single shipbuilding corporation. And each shipbuilding corporation provides different variety of ships.
Of course not all ships must come from a single shipyard. We can still have most types of the ships available to all while have some special ships exclusively products of the shipbuilding corporations.
Maybe exclusive upgrades too?
Shipyards of neutral cities would be free from influence of shipbuilding corporations.
Also, I'm coming up with mission idea related to these shipyards in my mind. Like, "borrowing" samples of a special ship just to be reverse engineered by another, and then you have another shipyard able to produce the ship you want, probably at cheaper cost. Of course, there can be consequences if you fail......

Alright, here are my ideas about some ship suppliers!

Red Satellite Drive Yards
Exclusive ships
  • Galactic Freight Heavy Hauler
    A long range cargo ship with better self defense capability.
Exclusive upgrades
  • Heavy Duty Hyperdrive Engine
    Requires more starship parts to assemble one for your ship, but it does make your ship much faster than common hyperdrive engines.
    Can only be upgraded once.
  • Fuel Storage Module
    Expands fuel tank capacity. Now you can save more space for cargo instead of fuel!
Martian Industries
Exclusive ships
  • Phobos Class Modular Transport
    It can be greatly modified by attaching lots of modules, making it a starship with versatile potentials.
    Can be upgraded up to 8 times!
Exclusive upgrades
  • Advanced Cargo Pod Module
    A more streamlined, lightweight but sturdy cargo pod module allows a ship to carry a heavier load of cargo without affecting ship performance too much.
  • Automatic Self Repair System
    "In case of emergency, break glass to initiate repair"
    Ship slowly repairs itself over time. Can only be upgraded once.

Beaconburg Arsenals
Exclusive upgrades
  • Sensor Scrambler
    Makes you invisible on sensor readers! Notes: It does not actually makes your ship not visible.
    Allows your ship to bypass blockade easier (higher success rate). Can only be upgraded once.
  • Rapid Escape System
    Additional navigation computer for rapid calculaion for an emergency short range hyperjump.
    Increased in-battle escape success rate. Can only be upgraded once.
  • Ion Beam Capacitor
    Normal attacks have a chance to disable enemy for a short duration.
Liberty Star Engineering
Exclusive ships
  • Hauler Carrier
    Is essentially a modified Galactic Freight Hauler, which it is repurposed into a carrier for asteroid mining operations and military.
  • Orca Corvette
    A small military vessel developed by LIS themselves to bypass treaties signed with United Earth.

Solaris Imperial Shipwharf
(pending icon)
Ruimtevaarder Guild
Exclusive upgrades
  • Sugarcane Microfarm Module
    Produce food right on your ship!

Draconi Royal Shipyards
Sigma Systems
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