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[Colony Wars] Ideas again.

Revised ideas on buildings.

Black Market Tent and Tech Bunker are Tier 2 tech building.
Operations Center and Strategy Bunker are Tier 3 tech building.
LIS Missile Tower is advanced base defense with roles of both anti-air and anti-tank.
LIS Watchtower is anti-infantry base defense for LIS, manned by snipers. Has low fire rate, but can pick off enemy infantries one by one. It is also the prerequisite for training LIS Snipers.
United Earth RPG Bunker is Tier 1 anti-tank defense.
LIS Helipad deploys Attack Helicopter and Transport Helicopter (the LIS infantry transport unit).
United Earth Drone Bay deploys Interceptor Drone (anti-infantry/atmospheric superiority fighter) and Bomber drone. Also refills their ammunition.
LIS Assembly Tent (Or Mechanized Weapons Camp) is the vehicle production building for LIS.
LIS Torpedo Platform is the naval defense for LIS. Has low fire rate but effective against big ships.
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Additional ideas for Zolarg Empire.

Mound is the core structure of a Zolarg Empire base, just like landers for the two human factions. Also double as infantry production facility.
Sugar Burner is the power generator for Zolarg Empire.
Antanium Smelter is a Zolarg counterpart of Ore Refineries of human factions.
Weapons Stash allows basic infantries to be trained as well as unlocking base defenses.
Sentry Post is the basic anti-land defense for Zolarg Empire. Lobs bombs that deals moderate damage.
Skywatch Pit is the anti air defense for Zolarg Empire.
War Workshop is the vehicle production facility for Zolarg Empire.
Shrine of War is the Tier 2 tech building.
Observatory unlocks air units.
Temple Fort is the Tier 3 tech building and also the advanced anti-land defense structure for Zolarg forces.
Aquabug's Jetty is the navy production facility, while also act as a coastal defense, armed with low caliber cannons.
Keiserkannon is the superweapon structure of Zolarg Empire. Has faster recharge than other superweapons, but deals relatively less damage per strike.
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