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Logistics Network Issue

This is for the Windows 10 version. I have not verified this on others yet at least. Hopefully its just a WIN10 dealio.

Version: 0.18.0

Okay, so I am on a frozen world and my primary settlement has unlocked the logistics station. So I decide to find another resource rich area to setup another settlement.

When I first go to my new settlement, I cannot see my resource pool because no logistics station. But, if I set up the initial rover to go get stuff, and then use my bookmarks to go back to the main station. And, then I decide to go back to my new settlement via bookmarks, the game thinks I have access to my resource pool. However, it is wrong, I have only been gathering crystals and have yet to even make a regolith compactor. So, I created a logistic network there so I wouldn't feel icky about getting resources with it not being in my network.

And, this also happens when I found yet another new settlement B. I go to it, get it setup. I go back to my primary settlement to make sure stuff is good there. I then go back to my newest settlement and I have access to my resource pool yet again.

I feel like this bug cheapens the effort it takes to build new settlement outposts. I should be forced to get steel smelting all setup so I can bring a new settlement into my network.
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