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[Question] Tourism not Working?

So I am pretty new and I was unsure whether I should pay taxes to UE and opted out for a while, yall know the story I got embargoed and then refused to pay taxes but eventually wised up and paid back the entire debt over a period of time. I am now making the entire payments when they tax me but I still have no immigration, or more importantly, no Tourism. Is there an easy fix for this? ill quickly just mention that I am about to hit 5m Atmosphere, so its not a problem of undeveloped infrastructure, I have casinos, bars, spaceports, etc. ( I don't think)
Is there a mistake I'm making? all of the above are activated and I have a thriving economy... but I'm still embargoed on the Mass Driver, the Galactic Mass driver (srry I don't remember its exact name rn) immigration and tourists as far as I can tell. I have already looked through the encyclopedia, but I cant really figure it out...
Could I get a little help for all yall pros? I jut need some help trouble shooting... if u need more info just ask...
it takes a bit time till your relations will be back to a higher level. They don't jump back to 100% after paying one tax. If you know your cw leader, ask him to send you a request for 0% of your money, it's the last option in your profile if he clicks on your colony. If it's not s commonwealth your in, annex to someone's. He will have to pay the tax for you. Use the transmission hub for annexation. You have to put in a code, like SU7sDQFn, which is mine. You're relations will be reseted after that. Hope I could help!
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okay I have been paying the full payment for somewhere around 10 hrs... should it be better by now?
okay, is it okay if I apply for annextion from you? I am not currently in a common wealth... oh and thanks so much for the help :)
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