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Announcing Barrel River 2, My First VR Game!

Last week I ended up purchasing an Oculus Quest 2, and to celebrate the purchase I wanted to see if I could create a VR game for it. So after a few days of hacking one together, I am ready to release my first attempt at actual VR programming, Barrel River 2!

Of course, you don't need a VR headset to play Barrel River 2. It supports multiple play modes, including keyboard, gamepad, and motion/tilt controls on mobile. No matter how you play it, the game is a pretty big improvement over the original Barrel River that I released back in 2014. Similar to the original, the goal is to collect coins while you avoid the fish and rocks. I have retained all of the corny sound effects from the first game, but the graphics have all been redone, this time created using Voxel Paint.

If you try out the game, be sure to sign in with your Ape Apps Account, which will make the game save the total number of coins you collected. In future updates I plan to add things like barrel upgrades and powerups you can get using the coins you collect, so start building them up and saving them to your account now!

You can play Barrel River 2 on any platform straight from the web browser. VR support works with the Oculus browser, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and even Google Cardboard players. Bookmark the Barrel River 2 page or install it as a PWA!

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