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Planet Terraforming game

Hi, guys! I would like the developer (@bastecklein) to work on a planet terraforming game. It will be in the My Colony Universe, and it will be titled "My Paradise". The title is not to be confused with My Planet, but it will be where you terraform a world to paradise stats, or within 5% of the goal. The goal is to build stuff while surviving on the planet. Here is the rationale: The player starts on an barren, randomly generated planet, with the following world types:
[*]Barren: All stats except temperature are 0. (45% chance)
[**]Will have a 30% chance to be cratered.
[*]Low Oxygen: Planet already has an atmosphere (0-2 bars), with an oxygen level lower than 210 ‰* (210K ppm). (15% chance)
[*]High Oxygen: Planet already has an atmosphere (0-2 bars), with an oxygen level higher than 210 ‰* (210K ppm).
[*]High Atmosphere: Planet has an atmospheric pressure over 1 bar (100 kPa). (7% chance)
[*]Native plants: Planet has an acceptable condition of the following:
[**]Water: 37.5% to 75%
[**]Oxygen: 120 ‰* to 320 ‰*
[**]Atmosphere: 0.1 bar to 1.9 bar
[**]Temperature: 252 K to 374 K
[*]Natives: May be these factions: Independent State, Zolarg Prime, Alpha Draconians. (25% chance)
[*]High/Low water: Water level is higher/lower than the ideal. (8% chance)
[*]Lava World: Has temperature of 1,500 K or greater. Very rarely has an atmosphere lesser than 5 bars. (4% chance [0.1% chance to have a lower atmosphere])
More will be shown later due to size! Thank you! Reply anytime! Later!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

The gameplay mechanics:
[*] The player will spawn near chunk 0:0 (up to chunk [+-2:+-2])
[*] The player will start with a lander, with food, water, wheels and a wooden pickaxe. The lander texture will depend on the faction.
[*] The player will have to harvest stone, until they find an ore block. These blocks can either be under the surface or in the form of an terranean deposit, which contains 5000 ore. There will also be harvestable gold, aluminum, diamond, obsidian, and/or trees (see requirements below). The player can also harvest dirt, but it counts as a loss of biomass (1 ton).
[*] The requirements for plants and dirt to appear is 272-374 K heat, 0.1 to 1.9 bar atmosphere, 10% to 32% (100‰ to 320‰) oxygen, and 37.5% to 75% water. The player must terraform to these values.
[*] The player must build terraforming buildings to terraform the planet. These structures require people to operate, otherwise operated manually by the player.
[**] Population can be added via shelters.
[*] There will be an power resource, in which the player has to build a small solar panel (the solar panel provides 8 power, while the lander provides 3 power)
[*] There will be space ports (also spaceports) that the player will build. It gives access to satellites, and gives the player money. Mines also exist.
[**] Money may also be obtained using mines. There are different kinds of metals the player can mine:
[***] Ore - Very common, Very low price
[***] Gold - Common, Low price
[***] Aluminum - Average, Average
[****] Has a 5% chance to mine pure steel (al only)
[***] Uranium - Rare, High price
[***] Diamond - Very rare, Very high price
Mining mechanics:
These mines can let the player gain resources and money, depending on how many the metal density is there, e.g if you have 4737 ore in a mine, you will get $473.7 and 4737 ore if the entire mine is completed. The mine can store a maximum of 1000 resources if level 1, 2000 for level 2, 3000 for level 3, 4000 for level for, etc. The maximum levels for mines is 10. This is also the max level for buildings. More will be shown later. Thanks!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

More about mining:
Ore value: Amount of ore divided by 10
Gold value: Amount of gold divided/multiplied by 0
Aluminum value: Amount of aluminum multiplied by 10
Uranium value: Amount of uranium multiplied by 100
Diamond value: Amount of diamond multiplied by 1000
Also, I forgot to mention, mining diamonds will give you charcoal. (10% chance for charcoal) If you mine manually, money will not be given.
Gameplay mechanics: (cont)
[*] The player will start seeing trees grow on dirt or grass when the planet can harbor plants. They can be used to harvest wood.
[*] The player can make pickaxes. The pickaxes are shown below.
Wood pick: 2 resources harvested
Stone pickaxe: 3 resources harvested
Ore pickaxe: 5 resources harvested
Gold pickaxe: 8 resources harvested
Uranium pickaxe: 10 resources harvested*
Diamond pickaxe: 15 resources harvested*
*These picks can't be obtained by the player, and only obtained from traders.
[*] The player will craft resources and tools
[*]The player can hold resources with a max stack of 100 (raw resources are 250)
Native mechanics:
There are already people on a planet that are called Natives. These natives can either be a random faction (named randomly), or a different faction (United Earth, Independent State, Zolarg Prime, or Alpha Draconians). The player can trade with the natives to get or pay money. These natives will also give you tasks, these are, spying on other natives (will not be a faction native), peace with the natives, conquest and battle with the natives or pact with the natives (faction natives only). These native will be scattered out across the world, and a civilization can either be created when the player taps "Create Civilization", next to "Create City", or the "Native Mutation" ,but cannot be founded near cities (within 10 blocks of the city limit). These people will be part of your faction, but will develop manually. Here are the buildings that civs and natives will build:
(look depends on faction; if non-faction, will look random)
Civilization center (built by player when they found the civilization)
Cost: Ore +100, Steel +20, Wood +10
Note: The native mutation event can be part of a tribe spreading or another faction spreading. This will send people and they will build a civ center.
More about this will be shown later!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Short question: @bastecklein Do you support this proposal? This isn't finished yet.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

tbh I'm not sure I am smart enough to make this game.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
ok. Now... Next will show more about natives! DO NOT reply directly, unlees the order to do so has been issued. Thanks.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

More about natives:
Native/Civilization Hut (Built by player, and when they found the civilization (one exists alone with civilization center, or exists natively; look depends on the faction: if random, it should look random)
Cost: Ore +25, Wood +15
Technologies required: Civilization Creation

Native/Civilization Ore Mine (Built by player, or exists natively: Miner textures depends on the faction)
Cost: Water:5, Ore+10
Technologies required: Civilization Creation, Civilization Ore Mining

Civilization Center changes:
Produces 1 civic every 360 ticks (every 100 ticks with all workers)
Drop-off for common minable resources
Can build: Civilization Rover (Harvests Stone, Ore)
Cost: Wheel +6, Ore+10

Native civilizations (not created by you) are controlled by an AI. You cannot control them, but in future updates, you can change a native's faction. However, you can interact and trade with these natives. Civilizations are like cities, but you can't add terraforming structures.

Native/Civilization Rovers:
Built by: Native/Civilization Center, Native/Civilization Vehicle Factory
Can build: (Native/Civilization) Greenhouse, Water Pump, Vehicle Factory

(Native and civilization)
Greenhouse: Ore +15
Water Pump: Ore +8
Vehicle Factory: Ore +100

More will be shown later. You may reply.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

This current idea will be set on hold, because bastecklein said he isn't smart enough to make that game. Now another possible idea that I had in my mind, is a game like Seedship, which I have been playing for a couple days. This game will be called "My Space Journey". The starting dialogue will be shown below.

You are in a spaceship, designed in the United Earth's shipyard, called the Shuttlepod. Not like an ark, but like an shuttle. 100 colonists are in their frozen dreams in space.

January 1, 2275

[*]Humanity has gone extinct. It is up to you to make another home for these 100 colonists. Find a planet that is suitable for the hundred colonists to live.

Second page dialogue:

Anything that is damaged will awake the colonists, and damage must not be assured within your journey. Please scan the planet if it is habitable.
Scan Planet

The space shuttle arrives at a galaxy, called [Galaxy name]. The spaceship is at the [Northern/Eastern/Southern/Western/etc] side of the galaxy, at galactic coordinates [X:xxx(1-999); Y:xxx(1-999)], at the star called [Star name]. The star system* contains [number(1-10)] planets, [number(1-5)] of which are rock planets, and [number(1-5)] are gas giants. [none/only one/number(2-9)/all] of the planets have moons. The space shuttle ship now lands at the [first/second/third/fourth/etc(fifth-tenth)] planet. It has [number(1-10)] moon(s), and is a [rocky/gas] planet.

Scanning planet...
[When Scan complete]
Scan complete. Choose what to do.

Oxygen: xxxxxxx ppm (no more than 1000000 or less than 0)
Gravity: xxxxxxx Gs (max 1000)
Greenhouse gases: xxxxxxx bar
[*]Greenhouse gases:
Carbon dioxide: xxxxxxx pa
Methane: xxxxxxx pa
Carbon monoxide: xxxxxxx pa
Sulfur dioxide: xxxxxxx pa
Nitrogen dioxide: xxxxxxx pa
Nitrous oxide: xxxxxxx pa
Water vapor: xxxxxxx pa (Note: only appears if the world is greater than 300 K)
Water: xxxxxxx m
Max elevation: xxxxxxx m
Resources: xxxxxxx
[*]Ore: xxxxxxx
[*]Gold: xxxxxxx
[*]Aluminum: xxxxxxx
[*]Uranium: xxxxxxx
[*]Oil: xxxxxxx
[*]Water ice: xxxxxxx
Anomalies: [anomalies]**

Land on planet
Move on

Surface probes: 5 starting probes
*If the star is a system or not
**Anomaly types:
[*]Structures (may contain native population)
High-tech (contributes to scientific research; may contain resources (ore, steel, gold, etc. [usually 1-500]))
Monumental (contributes to cultural research)
Mediocre (does nothing)
Dangerous (kills colonists[random amount between 1 and 10])
[*]Native plants (may provide food)
Edible (gives food[random amount between 1 and 100])
Plantlife (does nothing)
Poisonous (kills people and takes food[random amount between 1 and 10 colonists, random between 1 and 100 food]
[*]Native animals (may help out with construction and getting resources)
Useful (helps with construction and resources)
Animal life (does nothing)
Dangerous (kills people and damages buildings)
[*]Native civilization (randomly named and populated)
Ice Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Age, Medieval Age, Pre-Industrial Age, Industrial Age, Computer Age, Information Age, Robot Age
Democracy, Theocracy, Corrupt State, Warring State, Plutocracy, Cosmic Paradise, Athocracy (no culture)
[**]Native relations:
Friendly (will aid you in certain conditions)
Isolationism (will do nothing)
Hostile (will attack you and steal your resources)

More will be shown later in this post. Please reply anytime. Thank you for understanding!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

There will be a visual reference of the colony on the screen. This can be disabled in the settings. There will be a leaderboard in ranking of your colony in when you press this button:
High Scores
in the main menu.

[*]Water temperature
Water can be affected by the temperature. The water will be fully ice if the temperature is below 273 K, and will be fully vapor if the temperature is above 373 K. Water can also be affected by the atmosphere, with a minimum requirement of 0.00610 bar. Oxygen will require a minimum atmosphere of anything that is greater than 0 bars.

[*]Greenhouse gases
There will be different types of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This is known as the greenhouse effect. The variants will be shown when the planet is successfully scanned. The greenhouse gases will be:
*Carbon dioxide - raises temperature by 0.00005 K.
*Methane - raises temperature by 0.000475 K.
*Carbon monoxide - raises temperature by 0.0004625 K. Has a chance to poison people, killing them.
*Sulfur dioxide - raises temperature by 0.000017625 K. Has a small chance to heal people, adding more of them.
*Nitrogen dioxide - raises temperature by 0.00000015 K.
*Nitrous oxide - raises temperature by 0.00045 K.
*Water vapor (only if the world is hotter that 300 K) – raises temperature by 0.00000005 K.
*Ozone (will be added in a future update) – raises temperature by 0.000013525 K.

The above greenhouse gases are all released by facilities that also produce oxygen (e.g. Ore Refinery).
More shown later!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Colonist Deaths

Colonist deaths can be caused by harsh conditions or features on the planet. Colonists may also die when the shuttle hasn't even landed yet. The colonists who died will be built a memorial for their soul. Stating this, "The [number] colonists who did not survive the journey were aware of their death, and the survivors built a memorial for them." This memorial will look like the top is gold, the bottom is stone/ore hybrid, with some steel on the bottom of the gold. The memorial, if built, the cost will be 300 gold, 150 ore, 100 steel. More shown later.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Ape Apps, LLC is an independent software development company founded in 2010 by Brandon Stecklein. Over the years, Ape Apps has published over 400 apps and games across various platforms. You can get in touch with Brandon on Twitter or by leaving a post on his wall @bastecklein
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