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[Colony Wars] Simple Engineer Rush Guide


Here's a simple guide of a viable early rush strategy for 1v1 - one of the most notorious rush strategy of all time, the engineer rush!

Please note that this is a rush strategy, which is basically a big gamble in early game - it may also cause losing your advantage for the rest of the game!
As for all rush strategies, speed matters.
The engineer rush is a strategy primarily to disable enemy lander - the most vital building of the game, without the lander the enemy will be unable to build anything, the enemy loses the ability to recover from future building and tech loss.
You can also use it to disable enemy economy by capture-and-sell enemy refineries.

1. Start building solar tower.
2. Send your infantries that are provided at the beginning to scout enemy base. Locate enemy key buildings especially Landers. And check whether enemies have defenses around the important buildings.

Do not proceed with this strategy if the enemy have set up defenses around lander. If you see that, change to normal strategy instead.

3. Start building barracks after the solar tower has been built and placed.
4. After placing the barracks, proceed to building vehicle factory. Meanwhile, start training engineers (at most 5), and optionally other types of infantries.
5. After placing the vehicle factory, produce 1 APC.
6. Fill your APC with the engineers (and optionally other infantries if you have trained any).
7. Send your APC straight to enemy base.
8. Once inside, unload your engineers from APC and capture enemy lander at once.
9. If succeeded, sell the lander you captured. You can also use the remaining engineers to capture other buildings if any available.

Placing a pillbox or station infantries around the lander is very likely to deter enemy from using engineering rush strategy.
This rush strategy often skip building refineries. If your early scouting discovers enemy is building vehicle factory without refinery and/or producing multiple engineers, prepare some defenses.
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Colony Wars
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