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[Colony Wars] LIS ideas


Here are my ideas about LIS.

  • LIS Lander
    Lander used by LIS, the core building for a LIS base. Although LIS uses pretty outdated model of landers, LIS engineers still managed to carry out some modernization modifications including install makeshift flight boosters on these landers to have similar redeploy capability as the current model used by United Earth military.
  • LIS Barracks
    These easy-to-assemble tents are used to store weapons and supplies for LIS infantries.
  • Watchtower
    Though somewhat lacking in durability compared to sandbag pillboxes, it has slightly superior range.
  • Submarine Docks
    A naval base where submarines and light ships of LIS are parked and prepared.
  • Torpedo Platform
    A floating platform with a torpedo launcher that is effective to heavy ships, but with drawback that it has slow reload and it can only attack naval units.
  • Black Market Tent
    Tier 2 tech building. A small tent that houses a black market contractor and stashes of smuggled weapons of different variety.
  • Helipad
    Landing pad for supporting LIS VTOL aircrafts and helicopters.
  • Missile Tower
    Advanced base defense. A defensive tower fortified with concrete slabs that contains missile launchers for responding enemy armored assault and air raids.
  • Operations Center (Ops Center)
    Tier 3 tech building. A fortified command post where LIS officers coordinates LIS forces to perform advanced tactics and request requisition of advanced LIS weaponry.

  • Grenadier
    LIS troops equipped with grenades. Effective against infantries, buildings and light vehicles.
  • Flamethrower
    The napalm used by these flamethrower infantries are special mix from black markets that are dangerously volatile and it can reduce most buildings and groups infantries to ashes in matter of seconds.
  • Elite Sniper
    Snipers armed with heavy anti material rifles that are capable firing penetration rounds effective to both infantry and even tanks.
  • Armored Car
    The multipurpose light vehicle fielded by LIS forces. It is a combination of recon rover and APC, but it is neither fast as former nor sturdy as later. Can carry 3 infantries.
  • Heavy Tank
    Based on stolen blueprints, these LIS assault tanks features superior firepower than and similar armor as the United Earth medium tanks, but slightly slower.
  • Missile Launcher
    Multipurpose medium fire support vehicle used by LIS. It is equipped with anti tank rocket that is somewhat effective against tanks. It is also able to fire anti air missile for protecting LIS tank column from airborne threats.
  • Beam Tank
    Advanced artillery vehicle developed by LIS notorious for its long range. Although it is said to be a tank it is actually not quite armored - the batteries for recharging beam weapon is too heavy for the chassis and this forces LIS engineers reducing armor weight in finalized design.
  • Gunboat / Attack Boat
    These gunboats are armed with anti air missile to escort LIS fleet of submarines from airborne attacks. The missiles can also be used against surface targets if needed, although not very effective due to long reload.
  • Submarine
    Submarine warfare strategy is adopted by LIS to maintain naval control and deter enemy ships from providing support along the coastlines.
    Can only attack naval units but is very effective against them.
  • Ballistic Submarine
    Rumors saying it is developed to rival with United Earth's cruiser. It combines stealthy properties of submarines and heavy fire power of missiles.
  • Attack Helicopter
    Aircraft utilized by LIS to precisely attack targets using rockets.
  • Transport Helicopter
    Airborne transport utilized by LIS to transport infantries across all types terrain and even enemy base (if not well protected by anti air capable units or defenses).
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