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v0.24.0 Building bug (progressive web app)

I built two regolith compactors that I didn't have enough resources for, so the spots I was going to build in just changed to the model where they look like they're taped off construction sites, but the builder bot didn't move (as I assume is supposed to happen, no problems there).

Problem is, when I finally did get enough resources, the buildings still didn't get built. I tried moving my pov to a different part of the planet (moon) some distance from my settlement and back again(manually, not with bookmarks). Then the buildings were built, but wouldn't produce ore even though I had enough energy and regolith for them. I saved, quit, closed, and reopened the game but they still weren't producing (every other building, including other compactors, was fine) so I sold them and built three more (one each standing where they had been, and one in between) but now I have the first problem of the builder not building them.

In a previous playthrough I had this problem with various types of building, regardless of where I built them, as long as I had previously tried to build one of that type before I could afford it. I even tried building on the "construction sites" again, with both the same and different types of buildings. After moving my pov to a great distance from the settlement and back the buildings would be built, and by the time I quit playing that world (after leaving it idle for a while) I remember I sold most of my buildings, and found that those which I had tried to build on top of each others "construction sites" had as many as three or four buildings of the same and different types on the same square, all of them producing resources (by now) as they should.
Update: I was able to successfully build working compactors in a different settlement on the same world, but still not in my original settlement.

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