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Scroll 2D Engine Rendering Improvements

While I was on the My Colony chat yesterday, I was asked about improving the rendering output of My Colony 1 when you are zoomed in on a structure, since it's currently very blurry (as MC1 players probably realize), as you can see below:

You can see that the edges are jaggy and slightly blurred. If there is text on a structure, you can barely read it. You all know what the deal is.

So I started playing around with the Scroll 2D engine this morning, along with it's associated texture loader, while in the process of working on the next update to Colony Wars, and I came up with the following:

So there are a few things to note here. You will notice that the buildings and units look great now. This is because in Colony Wars, they are all sourced from .svg files, so they can scale up and down pretty good. The ground and trees are maybe a bit more crisp, but they are very pixelated. This is because the textures from those are stored as .png files, and they do not scale very well.

These new engine changes will be coming to the next My Colony 1 update, but I do not think the effect will be as profound as in Colony Wars, since My Colony 1 has mostly .png graphics. A few of the buildings are .svg though (mainly the buildings with colony specific colors, ie flags) and they will look pretty good.
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