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About the bombers.

Hello guys!

The new air units movement mechanic is excellent and it makes the air units movement much smoother, and the aircraft turning is running great as well! Thanks for these additions @bastecklein! :D

Alright, to the topic today: Something about bombers.
The recently added Bomber Drone is indeed a powerful, with sufficient numbers it can severely damage a base (IF the base has little anti-air defenses - please note that missile defenses can still cripple a bomber squadron with ease :p).
I have some thoughts after tried them in a skirmish game.

Bomber resupply issue
I love that bombers return to drone pads themselves for refill and repair when their bombs are depleted, but when there isn't enough pads to resupply all returning bombers at the same time, some bombers just sit on empty ground and does not go to refill.
Currently I don't see any convenient mechanic that sends bomber to refill ammo (unless I have missed something), other than trigger that indirectly by sending them out again.
To improve the bomber resupplying mechanic, I would like to suggest adding a manually triggered command that forces bomber (or any unit with limited ammunitions) return and resupply; or read bomber action moving to any friendly refill pad as refill command.

Bomber cannot bomb enemy units effectively
So far enemy units cannot be precisely targeted by attack/move command, which kinda makes bombers a bit limited in use other than demolishing buildings (usually suicidal as moderate anti air defenses is very likely present as well).
Maybe allow bombers to attack while moving (like tanks does) can put bombers to better use, allowing them to provide close air support in heat of battle as well.
Although this suggestion might lead to problems in naval combat, which navy has no mobile anti air protection other than jetpack infantries.

Hopefully these feedbacks will help improving the newly added bomber mechanics!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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Colony Wars
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