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Severe Lag with Simulated Nanite Factory or Research Converter enabled

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Game version 1.22 (also happened with 1.21 and 1.20)
Earth Region
Map size small

Adding ONE "Simulated Nanite Factory" to a small map causes the game to basically become extremely choppy and lag. Small map tested. Other buildings, 1 Arcology, 1 Adv. Cloning lab (disabled), 1 Nanite education building. Population ~680. I can spawn 60+ regular Nanite Factories on a small map and have no issues.

Adding more than EIGHT "Resource Converters" to a small map causes the same extreme choppiness and lag. It slows down considerably the more that are added.

When disabling the above buildings, game returns to normal speed and can be played with no issues. Enabling the buildings returns it to the same choppy / lag behavior reported.

I have a map with over 500 of the "Helium Nanomine" and it runs fine. Not sure if this is related to buildings with jobs or not.

Defining choppy / lag for this report.
Scrolling resource bar on top of screen only updates every second or two.
Attempting to scroll map by dragging screen takes two to three seconds to update and then is not responsive while attempting to render movement. Movement is very small compared to other maps.
Vehicles take one to two second to traverse each square (aluminum road)
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