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New Civilization: Trespassers (Out-of-lore)

Hello, friends! Today, I will be sharing an story about an new civilization in the My Colony Universe, the Trespassers! These are the same race as the UE/LIS (Human), and have the same consumption resource (food and water) and narcotics (ant paste). I will present it now. I hope you liked the story!
Architecture1134 said:
NOTE: This story does not engage or commit to politically, economically, personally, or religiously offensive content. If you are under 13, please refrain from reading this post, immediately, due to COPPA.

WARNING: Long page
This story will be long, so if you are using an low-end phone or an device with low memory, I suggest that you avoid reading this thread/post, immediately. Thank you!

Storyteller said:

The trespassers are brutal, fierce human warriors that split from both the United Earth and the League of Independent States during an terrorist engagement on both sides of the factions' borders. They had formed on both sides of the borders. Both the United Earth and the League of Independent States condemn this action by the trespassers. The Zolarg Empire formally announces to support both the United Earth and the League of Independent States. The Alpha Draconians state that they will continue terrorist attacks on all 3 human factions. The trespassers, like the other 2 human factions, have advanced technology and are rich and self-governing. Today, they are controlling an land bridge, named Darius Trasus. The border between both sides (UE/LIS) are closed. They have proclaimed two allied, independent states called Cistrasusia and Transtrasusia, both named after the Trasusian Lagoon and have captured territory from the League of Independent States and the United Earth respectively. These states have terrorist conflicts on their borders and thus are deemed unsafe. The cities and settlements within 12.5 miles are in danger, notably the city of New Manila (formerly known as New Quezon) in the United Earth, which has about 57 thousand inhabitants (city limits, 65k urban, 78k metro), and is about 5 miles from the border. The trespassers have also committed piracy operations on the shores of both the United Earth and the League of Independent States, especially in the Trasusian Lagoon. They are deadly and are pronounced terrorist within said distance from the border area with the trespasser nations. The nations inside the territory are pacifist and safe (unless invaded) and the outside is considered controlled by terrorists. These trespassers are known for the following:

  • Stealing resources and/or taking from deposits and/or buildings
  • Kidnapping/Hostage taking
  • Terrorist attacks on other human settlements
  • Anarcho-fascist government
  • Supporting local opposition movements throughout UE/LIS territory
    • Terranean Independence and Freedom Movement (TIFM)
    • Shalam Yihod (Jewish anarcho-capitalist group)
    • German Brotherhood
    • All-Independent States Movement for Society (AISMS)
    • Freedom Party for Humanity
    • Wildcat Anarchists

The trespassers are widely known by military experts about their usage of spying/recon devices and drones. They use these materiel for raiding and stealing resources and taking people hostage, although the border areas with the other human factions are mostly remote and inhospitable.

Trespasser National Data (from LIS hackers):

Capital: Multiple
Shakihah (Cistrasusia, de facto, largest city)
Halaya (Transtrasusia, de jure, 2nd largest city)
Population: 9.2M
Land Area: 5.1k square miles
Population Density: 1.8k per square mile
  • Desert: 72.8%
  • Grasslands/Oasis: 19.8%
  • Extreme Desert: 5.1%
  • Lava Desert: 2%
  • Other: 0.3%

  • Regions: 7
  • States: 65
  • Municipalities: 516
  • Cities/Towns: 1,028
  • Districts (Cities with at least 50k people only): 5,171

Alright, that it it for now! I will also be creating an separate suggestion for this civilization for MC2. I hope you like this story, and you can leave an comment below to share your experiences with the story or to expand on the story's ideas, and please answer on the poll above to see if you liked the story or not! I will see you all again later! Thank you for helping Ape Apps continue development on the My Colony Universe (and also on other apps and games)!
Best of regards, Cottonmaniac (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Suggestion for MC2:
Best of regards, Cottonmaniac (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

That is the end of the story!
Best of regards, Cottonmaniac (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

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