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Late game tech skills question

I've been playing on my earth base colony for a while and I have reached the point where I only have one thing left in the tech tree to unlock, which is Advanced Simulation Theory, and I was wondering for all the other people who got this far, how did you get the required 2 trillion dollars? (I know there is an option to pay irl to unlock it, so please don't tell me to do that).

we just sold like starships and other high-value goods
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How long did you have to do that?
I've been selling starships 5000 at a time and I only get about 4 bil.
That may have been because Bast may have increased the online gameplay transaction fee.
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How can i store more starships? 1k storage in a octagon is to low. Is there a better way to store more? I have the same. I have the same issues with weapons.
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