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Advanced He3 Extractor

#1 2017-10-16 07:31:45

Description: Got he3? If not, these extractors will have you swimming in it with the help of charcoal filtration.

size: 1x1
workers: 10

Smelts regolith into he3
Requires a minute supply of charcoal.
Power: 100

Produces: 10 he3 every 3 seconds(60 ticks). This is adjustable as I didn't take a look at the worker round of the original he3 extractor.

Consumes 5 regolith every 3 seconds. This can also be adjusted.
Consumes 1 charcoal every 30 seconds. Adjustable

atmosphere requirements: between 2.5 and 17.5 million.

Ore: 40,000
Steel: 25,000
gold: 10,000
chips: 150
Charcoal: 1,000

Sell Price:
Ore: 10,000
Steel: 7,500
Gold: 2,500
Chips: 50
Charcoal: 250

Let me know what you think of this idea. The drawing took me 3 hours to make and I'm a little skeptical of it. I made it in gimp from an edited atmosphere condenser. I know that bast said that inkscape is what he made the images in but I can't figure out inkscape to save my life, but I do know gimp. Feel free to edit or add to the image if you think that a few changes are necessary.
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#2 2017-10-16 13:35:01
Be sure to vote on whether or not this would be a good addition.
Edited by Amorphus on 2017-10-16 14:36:13
#3 2017-10-16 14:46:05
yes it is true that we need a lot of helium but it is especially at the beginning that we need it then once we are far in the construction of the helium colony become almost useless then your idea is excellent only there will be more buildings that require helium in this case
#4 2017-10-16 14:56:08
Thanks. What you said is true, but I wasn't aiming particularly toward designing this building because we need more h3. I wanted to make a building that could help some he3 colonies save space by replacing their hundreds of he3 extractors with 10-20 advanced he3 extractors. Once a colony get's bigger, it needs to save all of the space it can, so I'm pretty sure that there are some gigantic lunar colonies out there that would really apreciate an advanced he3 extractor that could free up tons of space for them.

Also, you never know if bast will add more purposes for he3 in the future.
#5 2017-11-02 15:56:13
I'm bringing this to the front of the suggestion forum because I think that this he3 building would be crucial for larger colonies to be able to produce a good amount of he3 in a smaller amount of space. Many people have big colonies and they don't want to have to waste space on he3 production, but they still need he3 production for alien power towers. This is not to mention that he3 will be probably be in greater demand when bast adds more worlds and races. Almost every resource has a more advanced way of producing it to reduce space and increase efficiency, like steel, chips, artifact, oil, plastic, and so on. So why not add an advanced he3 generator that can produce more he3?

I want to see your opinion, why shouldn't this building be put in the game?
#6 2017-11-02 19:09:46
Ok guys, I never checked the storage on the basic he3 extractors but I think that this building should at least be able to store 10x the regular he3 extractor capacity. That should give some good storage for those who have big colonies with a bunch of he3 extractors but no more room for storage.
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