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General Player Feedback and Suggestions


I just discovered the Epic Adventure game and have been working on two worlds... with several hours of gameplay under my belt, here are a few of the main suggestions I have for the game (I am a major survival crafting gamehead):

1. Different types of wood would rock (oh, the word play!)
2. Larger stacks (say 99, or 999) would also rock
3. Separate hotkeys/buttons/icons for building/crafting and general inventory would be cool
4. Water? I haven't come across water yet - maybe a water bucket or can as well would be nice?
5. Sulfer, Silver, Gold, etc. would spice things up a bit (albeit making them far more rare than rocks and basic metal)
6. A leaderboard or players with the most time spent/rocks busted/trees cut, etc. would be totally boss
7. A days-in-game type counter or stat somewhere
8. A place for player BIOs
9. Some sort of badge/medal/or award system would be really cool too
10. A grinding stone for making wheat into flour, then into dough - and any other interactive work stations that you could think of (such as a grinding stone, woodmill, etc.)

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts/ideas/suggestions! Looking forward to watching the game develop further.

P.S. I plan on reviewing this game on my new blog - I'll update or post again with the link once I do so!
Thank you @GH0STFACE
For some reason Epic Adventure has all of a sudden started to get popular, and now I need to start working on it again.

I hope it doesn't offend any of the players, but I am actually thinking of restarting the game from scratch, since I made a lot of bad design decisions at the beginning that are now difficult to code around.

I want to change the graphics to pixel art for one thing, since that will be easier for me to create new textures/items for.

I want to change it so that the world is one continuous map instead of different chunks that need to be loaded in and out.

I want a built-in game editor for new content like My Colony 2 has, so that it's easier to build game content and mods.

And just on top of that, the mechanics you described are all things that are needed as well.

Of course if I make these changes, everyone will have to lose their current game saves, but the game is in such an early state at the moment, I am not sure it will be that big of a deal...
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