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My colony banned in online play?

Hi, I'm Tony.
Today my game pop up a message that said "My colony was banned because of cheating.".
I thought that's because my money or GDP grew up so fast these days.
Two days ago, someone bought everything I put on the trade market, even 1M of Aluminium with 1T per 100.
You can track the log of these trade on your server, I won't lie to you.
I don't know who bought my resource, then I keep put the resource on the market.
I didn't cheat, I'm not a cheater, I like this game.
I also want to know who has so much money can buy these things.
So can you unban my game save then I can play with everyone in the world??
Thank you.
nop. Someone is banning randomly ppl. And this is possible without being an admin or so. And that's a huge deal. @bastecklein please fix this as fast as you can.
Its me Lego.
well that explains a lot.

i went through the same deal as @tony24334 a few weeks back and i just went like: screw it, perhaps selling the amounts i sold at the prices i sold might be considered i just went with it and got myself a new colony.

given this new info i think i was a target as well. heh
I was banned too, lost my commonwealth with 200+ members and a RRR-Index of 125...
Its me Lego.
Ottoich said:I was banned too, lost my commonwealth with 200+ members and a RRR-Index of 125...

oh dear lord.i feel for you man
So there is no way to unban my colony??
My Colony

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