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TRIPPED , how do you do it? i want one!

I bet some of you already noticed a ton of offers appear out of the blue on the GBT from a player named TRIPPED.

Funny thing is, that 100 sell orders or more appear at once!!!! how does he do it? the man can clearly code and made himself a nifty little tool.

Don't get me wrong, i think it's incredible. It helps out early/mid game players soo much since he sells small quantities at reasonable price. I'd love to do the same. Would help the small ones develop faster if they can afford to buy what they need when they need at all times.

If you're reading this TRIPPED, you are awesome! and...i want one!

EDIT: i think he's using a macro tool. i'll be looking into those later today. i'd love to be able to put up 10's of buy requests for smaller amounts so i can get the resources i need to buy from smaller colonies as well.
TRIPPED, a colony of Ruffians...

Ruffians has also spammed the GBT with hundreds (if not over a thousand) offers as well...

Thank you worm, I'm sure Bast will look into it when he can 😉
It's actually quite a cool tool if used properly. It can be used to populate the GBT when dead on offers. I needed wood today and i could have used a few small sell offers to pick up the small quantities i needed fast... but there was no wood for sale on the GBT.

Then again, such a tool in the wrong hands can cause spam like it did just now. The oil offers made me lol

It's like Trump becoming president all over again. Is this a good or a bad thing? :D
#4's official. They cracked the game. There are tons of offers on the diamond market for 100 mil at a time @1500 .

Is it even possible to have/hold that many diamonds?
If you make a base with a bunch of quantum warehouses it is. The problem is the vast majority of players never build that many because it's unnecessary, so most of the 100m+ just sit there until they expire because nobody has the storage to buy that much at once
well... i figured out how to mess with them :)

i had a colony with a bunch of storage space lying around. picked up 2 batches at a time from the guys and set them up for sale at retarded prices in batches of 200 mil. Some will afford to buy them, but most will not, so in a week's time all the diamonds return to that colony of mine and get locked away nice and safe forever. Problem solved on the diamond front i hope

My mistake was that i put some of them up at affordable prices to some late gamers. But i hope they won't abuse their new holdings to come and make those diamonds disappear like i will
Well that failed lol

They bought everything i had up for sale and now i ended up with a colony of a fucktillion dollars :

Least i tried... hopefully the overlord comes back from his trip soon and solves this mess

@Ottoich , i'd be glad to hand over that massive pile of cash to you to help you restart your commonwealth in case you can't get unbanned. Last time i checked your GDP was in that area anyway. (and yes i know GDP is calculated with the resources held as well, but the money can be used to buy back the resources from other players maybe)
Craig said:It sounds like you don't want anyone else to have any diamonds lol

lul i want everyone to have diamonds, but not in the hundreds of millions. the heck is one to do with that many diamonds? i have 10 mil on the colony i play now and they seem to last me for another 2-3 years at the rate i'm going.

either way, they're back to the spammers i think and i'm left off with a colony with a ton of cash that i now have to abandon. good thing i have a new one i was focusing on :)
well someone bought them for retarded amounts of cash . not sure how to feel
Craig said:well, I'm wondering how they can keep selling so many when their gdp is so low. wouldn't it be higher or fluctuating at least?

hence why this whole thing makes no sense. only one who can put an end to this is the overlord.

or them...if they stop.

it's really cool that they managed to populate the GBT with orders, but spam is spam.

question is, who the hell bought all those diamonds from me???
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